Sf bay area motorcycle rides

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Voir toutes les locations dans San Francisco Bay Area. Voir toutes les locations. Voyage Moto. San Francisco, CA. Northern California Motorcycle Tour non guidé Tour.

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Mike hooked it up!! After sunning at the beach all Sunday afternoon, I geared up to meet with Carion and nab my bike from his shop. Then, we took a scenic ride through the city to check out some of the best views in the Bay Area. Seeing San Francisco on a motorcycle is so different from viewing it through safe little walls of a car while being chauffeured around in an Uber or Lyft.

Locations de moto dans la San Francisco Bay Area

I'm so happy to have my motorcycle back, and even happier to have made an awesome new friend and riding companion. Hubert Kriegel has passed away at age Hubert began travelling in with his sidecar, and spent over 10 years on the road, taking the most amazing photos … along the way, including 4 HU Calendar winners see pics.

Check out his website for a sense of what an amazing trip he had! His family wrote to us: "He died surrounded by family and he did not suffer. It was blessedly quick. He had an aortic dissection and was gone soon after. We are in shock but grateful for the life he gave us. For the last 9 months he was living healthy, happy off the roadand in harmony with his family including his wife, Lorraine, his daughter, Jessica, and her family including his new granddaughter, Eleanor. Now his ride really is timeless as he sets off on his next adventure.

We are so proud of the life he lived, always on his own terms and always honestly. We will be having a celebration of his life on February 17, at 2pm in Sacramento CA. Like many of you, I read this amazing and thought provoking "motorcycling" book many years ago. It was almost a prerequisite guide to any budding motorcyclist. Yet, it wasn't. You see, I was single and without children when i first read "Zen And i wasn't interested in moto travel.

Many years later, i have children and i moto travel. I must once again read this classic.

Thank you Mr Pirsig, even in your passing that i am reminded why i am blessed with the gi … ft of motorcycling. Riding or planning to ride your motorcycle to Alaska. Do you think you have the experience or stamina to do this ride?

Very entertaining. It's a truly epic journey right in the heart of the US - A 2,mile trek from Canada to Mexico through remote mountainous terrain and iconic American landscapes.

Check out what you'll discover when you ride the Continental Divide! Three days of Northern California searching or the Lost Coast. Lots of rain. Lots of back roads. This bike is an amazing trackday weapon.

It is certainly not the fastest bike. But it is definitely quick. Highly recommended watch for those with a curiosity or desire to adventure.

Do it now so you don't have to wish you did later.

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