Will botox slim my face

The goal is to refine the lower third of the face, dig the cheeks, create a play of shadows and lights on the face. In order to provide medical information of an objective nature and for a scientific, preventive or educational purpose, it is added that in certain countries, injections are used to refine the face and obtain V-shape, these injections make it possible to reduce the power of the masseter muscle.

Testimonials-reviews Doctor Romano gave my face a V-shape.

Will botox slim my face

The injections were painless. Very satisfied. Injections for lifting the face To refine and slim the face, you must first put back and lift the fat that has fallen. Injections for slimming the face Then we create shapes, define contours and replicate volumes by injection of hyaluronic acid. I finally have a thin face thanks to Doctor Romano. My face was too square, too heavy.

How aesthetic medicine can streamline the face

Thank you Doctor Romano for getting rid of this complex. My face is refined, more feminine, the lower part is lighter.

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Will botox slim my face

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