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Just got the best microdermabrasion with Gina! Voir les 63 avis. John G.

Botox 92117

A has been great as my surgeon for reconstructive breast surgery. He's been professional, patient, and not at all pushy about the reconstruction as I have had a recurrence. He has genuine concern for my well-being and good health which I appreciate so much.

Voir les 7 avis. Best Plastic Surgeon San Diego. Chirurgien esthétique. Voir les 1 avis. I got my earlobes sewn up here and the result was amazing.

Very professional practice and I would recommend highly. Tom Pousti. The best,but Voir les avis. Barry S. Handler, M. Barry Handler for the past 18 years. When my own mother needed a surgeon for a head laceration that dehiscenced, I immediately thought of Dr.

Barry Handler. Of course, Dr. Handler is the consummate professional and was able to calm my very anxious mother. I will be forever grateful to Dr.

Barry Handler for taking such great care of my mom. Dr Alavi and his amazing team have gone above and beyond expectations. Not only are they professional in all ways they continue to check on me every four - five days and it has now been three weeks since my surgery.

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If you are looking for someone who actually cares about you and your health not only how you look I would highly recommend Dr Alavi and his team. Voir les 17 avis. Divino Plastic Surgery. Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacón treat their patients with the utmost care and respect as well as a devotion to providing them with quality care. I will continue to refer others to their practice. Voir les 41 avis. Tulip Medical Products. Simplemente El mejor!

Soto por poner lo mejor de usted para dejarnos hermosas! Rafael Camberos Solis. I was so nervous before traveling to Mexico, Tijuana for my breast lift procedure! Camberos and his team were so amazing, they made me feel at home and comfortable. I will totally recommend Dr.

Camberos to other people! Voir les 52 avis. Michael Feijoo. Voir les 36 avis. Luis Eduardo Guerrero. El Dr. Dr C performed my skin removal from my botox and breast augmentation 2yrs ago. Eye Lifts. Technically known as blepharoplasty, this procedure involves taking extra skin away from the eyes.

Upper-lid lifts allow sagging lids to open all the way, and they are done for both cosmetic and practical reasons. The practical reason for this procedure is to get rid of skin that has sagged far enough to interfere with vision.

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Lower-lid lifts are done to eliminate large under-eye bags and wrinkles in this area. Simply taking up the sagging skin will often provide the desired youthful look.

Fat Transfer. Not all people get loose skin folds with age. Instead, some people's faces, hands, and necks become devoid of underlying fat and end up looking shriveled and shrunken. One solution is to put fat back into those areas in a strategic and controlled fashion. The easiest and most complication-free way to do this is to harvest fat from another area of the body — for instance, the love handles — and inject it into the shrunken part.

Since the procedure uses the patient's own fat, there is no fear of tissue rejection. Though this isn't technically plastic surgery, it is offered by many cosmetic surgery clinics. It is best used for wrinkles that are caused by muscle tension, such as the large ones that form in the forehead.

Scowl lines are also easily treated this way. Botox injections work by partially or completely paralyzing the involved muscles. This forces them to relax, and when they do, the associated wrinkles disappear. These are just some of the general options for plastic surgery Tijuana. Talk to a doctor for advice about specific procedures.