Radiografia para caries

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Radiografia para caries

Actions Partages. Intégrations 0 Aucune incorporation. Aucune remarque pour cette diapositive. Radiografia Periapical Intraoral 1. Andrea Anahí Vélez Ventura 2. The gold standard method to measure early caries lesions is histological method. However, to perform it, its necessary to cut the specimen. CT had a positive correlation with histology when analyzing lesions depth and the classification relating to the severity of the lesion, although this relation could be better if a better resolution could be achieved.

Digital bite-wing radiographs had the best performance among all exams when comparing to CT and histology, similar to what we notice with the ICDAS results.

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CBCT had the worst results when comparing to CT and histology, but it was still considered a good relation. The best performance was achieved with the association of ICDAS and digital bite-wing radiographs when comparing to histology. The great advantage of CT when compared to other validating methods to evaluate dental caries is that it doesnt destroy the specimens, it gives tridimensional and isotropic information, making possible to use the specimens again, without losing inner properties.

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Radiografia para caries

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