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Everything I collect can inspire amazing and marvelous new ideas, and you never know what kind of figment you may come up with. Ho, ho, here's my favorite. You've got a Figment. Figment: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Dreamfinder, I'm just right! Dreamfinder: Ah, ah, ah. Not quite. Figment: Huh? Dreamfinder: I'll throw in a dash of childish delight. Figment: O, ho, ho, ha, ha Dreamfinder: Look Figment. Some new friends have joined us. Figment: Can they imagine too?

Dreamfinder: Of course. Imagination is something that belongs to all of us! Figment: You mean, everyone can think up new things? Dreamfinder: Ha, ha, ha, that's right Figment. And every sparkling idea can lead to even more. Figment: H-h-how're we gonna use lightning? Dreamfinder: Hmmm. Figment: Shivers Oooo Dreamfinder: And turn them into a tale of fright!

Ha, ha. Devilish laugh. Figment: Oh, oh, look, look! A rainbow! Dreamfinder: Now you've got it! Figment: Wow, wow, wow! Numbers, letters, papers for writing. Costumes, make-up, stages for lighting. Ha, ha, ha Dreamfinder: What about science? Figment: Science! Dreamfinder: Hold on Figment.

Figment: Why? Dreamfinder: The idea bag is full. Figment: It is? Let's start making new things! Dreamfinder: Laughing Now wait. First we must store these ideas with the others in the Dreamport. Figment: Are we almost there? Dreamfinder: Oh, the Dreamport is never far away, when you use your imagination. Figment: Come on everybody. Let's go! Dreamfinder: We all have sparks Imaginations. Figment: Yeah! Dreamfinder: That's how our minds Create creations.

Figment: Heh, heh, heh, ha. Dreamfinder: Right at the start Of everything that's new One little spark Lights up for you. Figment: Oh boy! Figment: Ha, ha, ha We have now made a complete degree circle from where we first met Dreamfinder. Continuing on to the left, we enter the Dreamport where gadgets and gizmos covered with gears and dials abound. This is where everything that Dreamfinder and Figment imagined is stored for later use.

To relate it to the mind, this is the place that the senses are constantly sending information back to.

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The idea bag is now hooked up to a machine that is processing the multitude of ideas. The Imaginometer machine has a series of meters on it each one with a different function: "Dreams," "Sights," "Ideas," "Colors," "Sounds," "Words," etc.

On the left is a large gold container labeled "Deep Thoughts" with a hologram inside which can be seen through a window. Some of the other objects here include a giant coffee pot emptying steaming coffee into four cups suspended over our heads, a locked chest labeled "Fog Bank," a box whose lid opens revealing dozens of hands clapping, a bunch of clear plastic cylinders with a rainbow of color lighting them up, mini-lightning bolts, a tornado swirling a brain storma sign that says "Neon" made from neon tubes, molecular structures, and bags of warm South winds and cold North winds that strike us as we pass under them.

Barrels with the word "Laughs" written on them tower toward the ceiling Barrel of Laughs and a large birdcage contains lots of musical notes sitting on perches that also look a little like birds song birds.

File cabinets labeled "Buzzes," "Groans," "Barks," "Oohs," "Aahs" and others cast sounds into the room. A large perfume bottle sprays "Morning Mist" into the room. That scent of fresh flowers prepares us for the next scene. The tip of Dreamfinder's paintbrush made using fiber optics changes colors as he paints a large flower, river, and animal filled painting.

Dreamfinder: Mix red and gold From autumn flowers Purple and blue From twilight hours Green summer hills And rainbows play a part, ha, ha A painter's brush, ha A work of art. This scene features large plain white animals and flowers which appear as if they were made out of paper. The objects are colorfully lit and peaceful music completes the mood.

An origami-like fish, lion, ostrich, unicorn and camel are rotating under a giant flower. Figment is sitting at the base of a group of flowers wearing an artist's bÈret and tie. Remember the rainbow Figment said he would use "to paint with?

As we move our way through the scene, the clouds lining the wall on the right change from fluffy white to look like an angry face that is blowing dark clouds and winds. The scene's lighting grows darker and lightning strikes up ahead.

We then enter the "Tales of Terror" segment. Lava and smoke erupt from the volcano and the letters that Dreamfinder plays spew out and are transformed into words which are then transformed into images later in the sequence.

Nothing will set the limitations on you except your own hesitations. Nothing will control you except your own convictions. So, set yourself free, dream big, and step outside the boundaries of comfort zone. You're and you'll always be in total control of your destiny. So what are you waiting for? Leben bietet immer Gelegenheit, mindestens einmal, zu üben, was Sie herein glauben und was Sie sind leidenschaftlich zu setzen. Every experience of life can make us either better or bitter.

Each challenge can either make us stronger or break us totally. Every unexpected tidal wave can enable us to either sink or swim. The choice is ours whether we want to be a Victim or a Victor. Life is what we make of it - with the choices we make every minute. Make a good one! The birth of a novel invention can only be compared with the creation of a beautiful painting or an exquisite perfume, in my view, It's an amazingly perfect blend of art and science, unexpected, unforeseen, unprecedented and truly divine.

Long live the creativity and the spirit of inventiveness! The differentiating attitude of Winners is their exceptional ability to look at any situation and come up with novel ways to make it better, using their expert touch and value add innovation. While the losers live in their past glory, the winners move on with life - perfectly in sync with present, and always striving to create better future.

Winners are those visionaries, in my view, who never quit. We know that all that glitters is not gold, but what is gold always glitters. Likewise all that seems beautiful is not good, but what is good is always beautiful. Your perception and reality can be dramatically different, so don't get fooled by appearances that are often deceptive.

Always look deeper, and the true Beauty will reveal itself. Whether you want to be a Thermometer or a Thermostat is really up to you. You see, a Thermometer simply reflects the temperature of its environment, always quickly adjusting to the situation; while a Thermostat goes one step above and beyond to make a positve change in the temperature of its environment. You can always opt to "go with the flow" to follow what others and society norms dictate to you, or you can stand firm with your values to bring about a differentiating change in the world that would make it a better place than ever before.

Be the Change Ambassador, and importantly, be the Change that you want to see in the world. In my view, one should strive to become a Thermostat rather than a Thermometer, because the world needs more Thermostats. As we walked silently on that sandy beach, I began to realize that there was a unique story embedded in each and every grain of sand.

Those were the stories of happiness and glory, blended and intertwined with equally compelling stories of broken dreams and searing sorrow.

I felt that each grain was representing and presenting the story of Mother Earth, the tales of long forgotten civilizations and majestic empires, mind-boggling evolutions and revolutions, breakthrough inventions and innovations, godly acts by holy saints and horrifying genocides by evil dictators - all that once happened and then got wiped out over time, from the surface of our planet, by the omnipotent ebbs and flows of Time almighty Good judgement comes from valuable experience; and paradoxically, such "valuable experience" is the direct product of many bad judgements made in the past.

It's wonderful that we complement each other, and aren't equal in many ways. It's not for us to strive to become equal, my friend; but to honor our differentiating and complementing qualities, and respect each other for who we are. It's our complementing differentness that paints our world so beautiful - with multiple mesmerizing and magical colors. So be happy that we're different, and do not change.

You're good as you are! Lest we forget, we don't inherit Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our next generations yet to come.

Keep her beautiful, and protect her from environmentally unsafe materials. Personas que viven en el mundo de la luz a menudo se la envidia de la gente del mundo de la oscuridad. Esas personas celosas siempre tratan cada manipulación para arrastrar la maravillosa gente del mundo de la luz en su mundo deprimente oscuridad. Nunca te permitas ser derribado y estropeado en su sucio mundo de la oscuridad y la ignorancia. Un viaxe continua!

There is nothing surprising about getting knocked down in life. It's a given, and it happens to all, at least once in their lifetime. The smart people, who understand the purpose of Life, do that successfully - no matter how often they get knocked down, or how hard they get hit.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Following the advice of young Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, we should become the voice for those without voice, those who have fought for their rights.

Everyone has the right to live in peace and harmony, the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and most importantly, the right to equality. Our personal commitment to Equality and Justice is the best tribute to Dr. You must have ability and willingness to forgive others. If you do not have these capabilities yet, you must develop them Lest you forget, Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong minded and spiritually advanced folks.

Also, without fotgiveness, you cannot huile de ricin pousse des cheveux abimés fourchus on in life at right pace. How can you with so much unnecessary baggage of grudges sitting on your back?

With your power to forgive, your life stream will begin to flow once again, in sync with present and embracing future. Drop that baggage right away, break away from unpleasant memories and situations, make a wish, take a chance, and move on upwards and onwards.

Let the life flow, and the journey continues once again, smoothly and seamlessly. Adaptability is the top secret of survival. As per Charles Darwin, neither the fittest nor the smartest but only the most adaptable species wins at the end. So do your best to be most adaptable, in your personal life as much as in professional relationships. That's the secret to survival and success!

Being judgemental is neither good nor correct. When we judge others only from our frame of reference, we invariably fail to understand all other frames of reference that may lead to totally different perspectives. Being judgemental is a sign of arrogance, disrespect and ignorance IMHO. History shows us that those who judge others also get judged by others, in exactly the same manner and with the identical yardstick of measure.

Don't be judgemental, and accept the world as is. Always live, and let live all others around you. Bon dimanche! Avoir du plaisir, et faire un grand dimanche! True Beauty is often emerged out of Chaos and Turbulence. Look at the eruptions of Volcanoes and shaking of Earth that give birth to beautiful mountains and scenic lakes. Think of those amazingly attractive Stalactites formed only after continuous erosion by slow dripping water. Something far superior, magnificent, better and beautiful always appears out of otherwise ordinary - only after enduring the colossal Chaos, frightening Fury, traumatizing Turbulence and disturbing Disorder within the stagnant Status Quo.

So, accept and endure the changes, no matter how chaotic, stormy and irrational they may seem to you today. You are chosen by Supreme Powers to Create and Cultivate the Beauty, something that never existed before — only through your exceptional Endurance.

And I am sure that you will, my friend, pass this test with flying colors. Go on, and break a leg! Deux routes ont divergé dans un bois jaune. Et désolé je ne pouvais pas voyager ou l'autre de ceux-ci.

Ni le moins fréquenté. Ni la plus parcourue par. La route à suivre mes rêves. Comme la vie est pleine de millions de choix. Chaque apprentissage i gagné dans mon voyage. Et maintenant je remémorer avec un soupir. Et moi, je créé ma propre route. De suivre mes propres rêves.

Et que est ce que a dû fait toute la différence. La vie continue! Effective Leadership ought to be strongly linked with Empathy, i. Feliz Domingo! Hoy es Domingo, su día especial para relajarse, disfrutar y compartir la felicidad, la risa y el amor con su familia y amigos. Hacer una gran Domingo! I am extremely proud to be an alumnus of The University of Manchester, England. The University gave me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my Ph. It's surely the major accomplishment and a premier milestone in my life.

My grateful thanks and heartfelt best wishes to The University of Manchester, one of the greatest Universities in the world Keep it up, my Alma Mater. In my view, either downplaying or concealing your strengths, not showing off your talents in boastful manner, and being modest in life are always respected - not only in Japan but also anywhere in the world.

I have also realized that those who are truly knowledgeable seldom show off, while the empty vessel always makes too much noise. Modesty is surely the great virtue that differentiates you as the "cut above the rest" in the society.

It's true that many people face numerous difficulties and heart-breaking hardships that include social rejection, racial and sexual discriminations, disturbing poverty, horrifying unemployment, crippling mental illnesses, extreme violence including rape, and most challenging diseases like cancer and so on, just to name a few.

My personal understanding is that life can surely shower you with lot more challenges than you can handle, and that's the reality you've got to accept.

That being said, I also believe that only God will give you the strength - which is necessary to endure through those challenging situations, and to overcome the adversities most effectively. So you mustn't lose Hope when faced with challenges in life, and should continue to have strong Faith in God for Courage, Endurance, and Strength that would enable botox orgânico para que serve to overcome those difficulties.

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And I am sure God will look after you, as always, during those challenging phases in your life. Il est paradoxal que vous commencez souvent à voir le monde dans une nouvelle lumière, et dans ses vraies couleurs, uniquement lorsque vous détourner d'elle. Il est vrai que personne ne peut revenir en arrière dans le temps et prendre un meilleur départ; mais sûrement ne importe qui peut commencer à partir de maintenant et de faire une finition absolument fabuleux.

Pour un optimiste, la vie offre des millions de possibilités à chaque moment, ne importe où, ne importe quel moment. In my view, we should always treat people the way they themselves wish to be treated. However, not many people follow this golden mantra, and they treat you as you would allow them to. So it's very important to be firm while being nice, and never let others violate your dignity and self-respect, in any and all relationships.

It's been debated for years whether Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or Beauty is in the heart of the beholder. Yet it's not so well appreciated that Beauty can be totally worthless without her true appreciator. As Sir Allama Iqbal pointed out in his poetry: "For a thousand years the most beautiful and rare flower of Narcissus or Nargis laments her blindness.

It's with great difficulties that the one with true vision is ever born in the garden. La plupart des choses positives dans la vie sont souvent précédés par des négativités - paradoxalement! Par exemple, nous tirons notre force incroyable qu'après la réalisation de nos faiblesses. Nous apprenons à aimer inconditionnellement seulement après l'expérience de la haine dirigée vers nous. Nous devenons plus tolérants et les partisans de l'égalité qu'après la discrimination monde jette sur nous.

Nous cultivons ainsi et mature avec le flux de la vie, niant toujours la négativité, et se déplaçant vers le haut et au-delà. La vie peut être pleine de tant de rebondissements inattendus et tourne que vous ne trouverez jamais dans un film de Hollywood ou de parcelles de Broadway. Pas étonnant! Life cannot be measured by summary statistics, such as the money accumulated in the banks, or the shares acquired in the stock market, or the number of real estates owned etc.

In my view, the only valuable metric that would quantify your life most accurately is the number of lives you were able to help selflessly, and influence most positively. The true purpose of human life is very noble IMHO Make the most of everything that's available, especially during the challenging times. If life throws lemons at you, make sweet lemonade. Lay down a solid foundation with bricks that your enemies throw at you. And most importantly, make the most of yourself, because that's all there is for you right now.

Most of the inventors, even today, secretly wish that they had invented Jeans, because of the beauty and grace coupled with simplicity and comfort that blue Jeans have created in our world.

Yours truly is no exception either! What's more, I love wearing Jeans as casual wear, especially during the weekends. I also think that whenever a celebrity or a beauty or a genius wears jeans, it always makes the most impactful fashion statement, loud and clear! Mumbai is really and truly Mother to millions!

Long live Mumbai. Négativité niant travaille parfois beaucoup mieux que d'envisager la positivité, surtout dans les moments froids, sombres et misérables de la vie, quand tout semble sombre sans rayon de soleil. Successful people are those who never lose Hope, never give up Efforts, and build their Success out of failures. In my view, Successful persons rise from the ashes of their failures like proverbial Phoenix.

Nous ne vous énervez pas simplement parce que quelqu'un nous a menti. Nous perturbons principalement parce que partir de ce moment nous ne pouvons pas faire confiance à nouveau, pas seulement cette personne, mais tout le monde. Il peut ne pas être trop difficile de pardonner et d'oublier, mais il est presque impossible de réparer ce que la confiance brisée.

We must keep alive and rekindled that divine spark of Stregth that is always within us, invincible and indestructible, as we welcome Summer on June 21 every year. Peius omni hodie sum cras debeo parentibus amorem indita snit in pretio, et in me credite. Self-respect is the best and greatest gift you'll give to yourself. The self-respect builds the strongest self-control, self-dignity, self-discipline, and highest self-esteem that enables you to never settle for anything less, and importantly, to walk away from anything or anyone that undervalues you, and treats you as a second choice.

Lead your life the best way, powered with Self-respect; and the world will respect you. The Greek Mythological Story of "Pandora's Box" teaches us the significance of self-control and self-discipline that can keep us away from the evils in the world. It also assures us that at the end of the day, there is always Hope - despite the severe storms of challenges, and when everything seems so dark and bleak. Never lose Hope, especially while overcoming the challenges of life. Thirteen years ago, on September 11,one of the most tragic and horrifying events in human history shook our world.

Not only America, but the whole world lost her innocence that precise moment, when a dirty, disgusting face of mass terrorism emerged to brutally torture the mankind. The world realized that this new evil is perpetrated by shameless barbaric fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life.

America became stronger than ever before to fight the terrorism, and wiped out a major chunk of psychopathic terrorist evil to make our world safer once again. It's so sad, depressing, disgusting story, and yet its aftermath is remarkably inspirational when we think about how America and many nations came together to relentlessly destroy the axis of evil, capture and bring to justice the toxic terrorists - including their leader Osama.

Truth in her purest form is simplest to understand. Truth is also the most beautiful shining entity in this world, unless and until people begin to use her as their weapon of choice to intentionally hurt others. In my view, Life without Truth is no life at all. Two roads may diverge in a yellow wood, and I - I will choose neither one. Instead I'll create my own road to follow my own convictions and dreams. After all, any road is only a road - unless and until you make something of it.

Just like that Life is full of choices, and yet Life is also what you make of it. Every learning and every wisdom that I will gain in my journey, will leave the leaves trodden black. And that's what will make the difference. We know that wherever we are today is nothing but the result of the choices we made at every juncture in our past.

Sometimes we surprisingly discover that even the "wrong choices" from the past have brought us to the right places Weaknesses are not something to hide or be ashamed of, because within each weakness lies a promise of new opportunity to improve. Life is never meant to be easy, especially for those who dream. Recognizing the weakness and the latent potential opportunity to improve would raise you right away beyond that weakness - to a better version of yourself, enabling you to make your dreams come true.

Good luck, my friend! What's the big deal if you're different? It's perfectly okay to be different, because at least you're genuine and not a shallow imitation. The truth is that you're yourself, and that's why you're different. Celebrate your differentness with joy.

Always be yourself, and don't try to keep on changing, because eventually some you'll run out of new things to become. Be yourself, and don't waste time to be what 'they' like you to be; because you'll never win them all. Be yourself, because all others, especially the good ones, are already taken. Be yourself, and you'll be happy. You will get your chance to recognize your true friends during the most challenging phases in your life; just like you will be able to see the stars only when it gets absolutely dark.

Your true friends are the ones who help you when you are down and out. Friends cheer you up when you feel sad, and pick you up when you fall. You mustn't forget your true friends and their helping hands when you get up again. True friends are rare, but they are always around, just like the shining stars in the sky.

Your true friends are those who stand by you in your darkest moments, because they want to be with you and help you when you need it most. They are also with you in your brightest moments, because they're neither afraid nor jealous to see you shine.

As a child, many folks dream of running away to join the circus, but then many of these dreamers grow up, and find proper jobs. Still, some of them must be following their dreams, otherwise the circuses won't be around. Be thankful to your enemies, because they're always the first ones to find your faults that you never knew about. Also wish them a long life, so that they'll see you succeed in life Bons leaders comprennent pas toujours que le leadership est ni un prix de reconnaissance, ni une licence pour exécuter le pouvoir, mais il est une grande responsabilité pour faire ressortir le meilleur chez les autres tout en respectant leurs objectifs organisationnels.

Cicatrices ne sont pas quelque chose à cacher ou à en avoir honte; pour chaque cicatrice a une histoire incroyable à raconter - les histoires de l'endurance, de la lutte et de survie. Ils nous rappellent aussi nos triomphes sur les adversités, ce que nous défendons, et d'où nous venons. El enfoque y el swing con toda su fuerza como nunca giró antes. Goalpear esas bolas curvas con rapidez lejos en las gradas o outfield de inmediato.

Y ejecutar todas las bases cellulite orbitaire paupière un jonrón. Dans une seule goutte d'eau se trouve un résumé de l'ensemble de la vie, juste en face de nous, dans les cycles continus de l'oxydation et de l'oxydation des atomes d'hydrogène qui y sont.

During my childhood in India, I was brought up to believe that if you are gifted with talents, those talents are not yours - because they come to you straight from God. It's not a chance or an accident that you have the special gifts and talents.

You should leverage those God-gifted talents for the purpose of advancing society and mankind, and importanly, for helping others who are in dire need.

Life is a give-and-take process. The more you will give back to society, the more you shall receive from God. This upbringing and philosophy of life have kept my feet firmly on the ground.

I am truly grateful to my parents and teachers who guided me with such wonderful lessons of life and humanity. Es sólo un folclore que un rayo nunca caer en el mismo lugar dos veces. El año pasado, el 30 de juniotres rascacielos de Chicago fueron golpeados por un rayo 22 veces - 10 huelgas de los fiadores Willis torre, 8 a la torre del triunfo, y 4 a la torre hancock juan.

Que puede tomar tan poco como unos pocos segundos en una tormenta, o el tiempo que millones de años - pero un rayo finalmente caer en el mismo lugar dos veces. Ser seguro por ahí! Friday, June 26,will always be remembered as a very special day in Americal History, for it will continue to tell one of the greatest success stories of American Spirit for Civil Rights and Equality. Happy Memorial Day! Our respectful salute to all American Heroes. I am proud alumnus of RIS a.

ISc, and have excellent experience of the outstanding education that I received from amazingly knowledgeable Professors, during my two years of B. Chemistry and Physics - in through We were extremely fortunate to be taught by some of the best Professors and great scientists in India.

Those were surely the most wonderful years of my academic and social upbringing in India. I am thankful to ISc and all brilliant Professors at ISc, for gifting us with the remarkable knowledge, and installing the love and passion for Science in our young minds.

Thank you, RIS. It's a misconception that Purity and Sanctity are only prerogatives of saints, and are not absolutely necessary for normal people. In my view, leading ultra-pure life with purity in thoughts, words, and actions surely define one's character. What's more, the Purity is an essential requisite and a most important criterion for defining a normal person. Strive to lead an ultra-pure life, in your thoughts, words and actions - always!

It's true that Love and Fragrance cannot be concealed, and yet the public display of affection PDA in social media seems so superficial and artificial, e. The dichotomy is that the magic of sensitive and innermost personal affections begins to vanish, as they get displayed explicitly and publicly in social media.

La réciprocité signifie que vous jamais imposer aux autres ce que vous ne seriez pas choisir pour vous-même. Cela signifie que vous traitez les autres comme vous souhaiteriez que les autres de se faire plaisir. La seule grotte vous avez toujours craint d'entrer détient le trésor que vous avez été chercher toute votre vie. Osez-vous à entrer, et le bonheur est le vôtre! Le meilleur chapitre de votre livre de vie est toujours celui qui n'a pas encore écrit.

Commencer à écrire avec vos propres mots et non pas ceux qui ont dicté à vous par d'autres. Ne jamais oublier que vous êtes le seul qui peut remplir ces pages avec enthousiasme, la passion et le dévouement Le respect de soi est le meilleur et le plus beau cadeau que vous donnez à vous-même. Le respect de soi-construit la plus forte maîtrise de soi, la dignité de soi, l'auto-discipline, et la plus haute estime de soi qui vous permet de ne jamais se contenter de moins, et, surtout, de se éloigner de quelque chose ou quelqu'un que vous sous-estime et friandises vous comme un second choix.

Ne oubliez jamais que vous ne avez pas besoin de personne qui ne vous traite pas avec respect et dignité. Mener votre vie de la meilleure façon, alimenté avec le respect de soi; et le monde vous respectera. Le temps nous prouve que chaque échec porte les plants de succès. Et pour chaque porte fermée de l'occasion, il ya toujours une nouvelle porte ouvrant une nouvelle opportunité dans la vie. Le point est d'abord de trouver et reconnaître pour sa valeur potentielle en vie et qui peut être un défi difficile parfois!

Il est facile à dire qu'à faire, et encore vous eu à le faire! Metamorphosis is an inherent part and the most profound process of life, in my view. We constantly transform into better versions of ourselves, like an Ugly Duckling transforming to Swan, and a Caterpillar to beautiful Butterfly. The metamorphosis continues throgh the journey of life, and then from generation to generations yet to come.

There is an element of elegance and beauty in the fact that we all evolve, metaphorically, to Butterflies with Earth as our Chrysalis. Never look back, and never move backwards, even if you are forced to by circumstances at odds. Keep your head high, and continue to move upwards and onwards. You will soon discover that there are millions of beautiful things waiting for you on your path chosen, going forward. Even in the worst case scenario, it's always better to get lost on the new and less travelled path moving forward, than to get stuck in the old rut moving backward.

Never dwell in the past, always live in the present, and continue to pursue your dreams of the future. You will surely reach your destination, going forward and onward, as your journey continues. Only Mothers are capable of changing your destiny, by influencing and creating your future, with their blessings, far better than it could be otherwise. As your creator, Mother has the same divine powers as the Goddess or the God or any Supreme Power in this universe.

I do believe in the power of blessings from Mother. Also, Mother is another name for "unconditional love" that you could not find anywhere else. Cherish your Mother, with love, respect and honor that they deserve, at all times People who live in the world of light are often envied by people from the world of darkness.

Those jealous people always try every manipulation to drag the wonderful people of the world of light into their dark depressing world. Never allow rides front lcd tv to be pulled down and mucked up into their mucky world of darkness and ignorance. Continue your journey on your pre-planned path illuminated with the shining bright light of Knowledge and Truth.

A Viaxe Continua! Scars are not maigrir du bas ventre rapidement velo to hide or to be ashamed of; for each scar has an amazing story to tell - the stories of endurance, struggle and survival. Scars truly make us complete and beautiful, in my view. They also remind us of our triumphs over the adversities, what we stand for, and where we come from. There is a subtle difference between Charity and Philanthropy.

Our world needs both, Charity as well as Philanthropy. There is a subtle difference between Confidence and Arrogance. You see, Arrogance makes you think that everyone is below you, while Confidence makes you realize that no one is above you. Once you realize this differentiation, you'll become Confident, and will earn the respect from society. Today is Groundhog Day, when the Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil lets us know if there will be more winter or an early spring ahead of us.

This interesting tradition started in ! If Phil sees his shadow and returns to his hole, he has predicted six more weeks of winter-like weather. Vous êtes toujours dans le siège du conducteur, que vous le réalisiez ou non.

Rien ne pourra vous retenir sauf vos propres ambitions. Rien ne va définir les limitations sur vous, sauf vos propres hésitations. Rien ne vous contrôler, sauf vos propres convictions.

Donc, vous libérer, rêver grand, et l'étape à l'extérieur des limites de la zone de confort. Vous êtes et vous serez toujours en contrôle total de votre destin. Alors, qu'attendez-vous? We mustn't feel bad because someone steals our ideas. It happens. Instead, we should feel bad that they didn't have any of their own to begin with. When you speak the truth and nothing but the truth at all times, you don't need to play the games and weave the web of lies any time. And that's the greatest advantage of Honesty and truthfulness.

Philmore Glass, years ago, about filling more in the glass year after year. You always see the world as you are.

If you don't like something, it's probably because it represents the part of you that you dislike most. If you want to understand the world, you must first turn away from her, and then look deep inside within your Self - to be in sync with the world, and to be in perfect harmony with life. You would never know what the future may hold, especially when you see all the doors getting closed. It may be the mysterious way Supreme Power encourages and empowers you to either look for or create a new door that would lead you to your destination.

Tough times in life can be puzzling at times, and yet there must be an answer. Have faith in God, and confidence in yourself - always! It also means never to settle for anything less than what you deserve in your relationships with others. Living with Integrity is not easy, because she demands your total commitment to your personal values that must be higher than ordinary.

She also expects you to make choices based on what you believe, and not what others tell you to believe. All being said, living with Integrity even for a day is million times better than countless years of life without her. A life with Integrity is the only life well lived, in my view. So go ahead, take that bold step, regime militar vs ditadura live the life with Integrity.

A Diamond is born only after the Coal withstands tremendous pressure, and endures enormous heat for thousands of years. Creation and Cultivation of Beauty doesn't happen just by chance! Aujourd'hui est un nouveau jour. Be yourself! Dare to respect yourself before anyone else! Self-respect is the precursor to Courage.

Most people realize soon that one of the major regrets of life is yielding to the wishes of others, instead of doing what their heart desired most, and not being themselves. So be yourself, and you'll never regret. Brilliantly disguised as Hard work, Opportunity always knocks only once, and hence gets missed by many. Temptations, on the other hand, lean on the doorbell and get the welcome reception. Successful persons recognize the true Opportunity hidden within the challenge, and turn it into a great Success Story.

Recognize and welcome the Opportunity, when she knocks on your door. Cuando las personas pasan por fase de la negación en vez de aceptar la verdad, no se dan cuenta de que lo que se niegan a aceptar siempre sigue a quedarse con ellos. La vida se mueve tan pronto como aceptamos la pura verdad, porque sólo la verdad puede hacernos libres.

This highly inspirational song is directed exclusively towards most people with untapped and unrealized potential. The song says loud and clear that every one of us is essentially a firework, which may seem ordinary, ineffective, ugly, or covered in an insignificant wrapping. And yet, when the right situation arises, like a flame brought to a fuse, they would ignite and show how amazing, extraordinary, and beautiful each one of them is in actuality.

What an awesome and powerful positive message, and so true too! I always strive to be objective and well-balanced spectator of the situation, instead of enforcing my personal viewpoints on my readers.

I believe that such an elegant approach does the best justice to subject matter. Objectivity is always the key and most important parameter in all processes of Life! Il n'y a rien à romancer propos de l'obscurité froide et amère de la nuit. Ce qui nous maintient en passant par est l'espoir que, bientôt, la nuit va se terminer, et le premier rayon lumineux du soleil pénétrer l'obscurité pour éclairer notre monde.

Il est l'espoir qui nous maintient en passant par ces taches sombres misérables. Voilà pourquoi il est important de ne jamais perdre espoir. Dum vita est, spes est! Tant qu'il ya la vie, il ya de l'espoir! Les vrais amis sont comme le soleil qui brille dans le milieu de la tempête, à mon avis. Ils égaient et illuminent votre vie, et apportent souvent de bonheur pour vous, tout comme les rayons du soleil créant un magnifique arc en ciel pendant une tempête violente. Parfois vous avez besoin d'une tempête afin de voir et d'apprécier la beauté divine d'un arc en ciel.

Merci Beaucoup. Life is always what you make of it. It cannot be yours if you allow others to write on the blank pages of your book of Life. You must take charge, and lead your life levure de biere cheveux avant apres jeune way you believe it should, with the values you believe in.

Start writing the chapters of your book of Life with your own wonderful words, not dictated by others. One of the genius writers of 20th century, Hermann Hesse, Nobel Laureate and my most favorite author, wrote: "Most people But a few others are like stars which travel one defined path: no wind reaches them, they have within themselves their guide and path.

It's also a constant reminder that you are the Star, and you must maintain your character - no matter what others say or do. Also not to forget that the Star does have ability to turn into Supernova, which brightens the Universe with such a powerful light that can only come from millions of Suns. Always strive to be that shining Star, and ultimately Supernova, to illuminate the world.

Only when we grow up and mature, not just physically but also emotionally, we begin to appreciate that the colossal challenges, the searing sorrow, and the melodramatic melancholy in human life are not there to create agony, anguish and anxiety; but to toughen and to purify the human soul. There is always a purpose behind every act from almighty omnipresent Supreme Power, which we are expected to understand in time, if not right now.

This self-realization is a wake up call, a reality check that truly changes our mindset and transforms our behavior thereafter. Scars are neither something one should feel embarrassed about, nor something one should try to hide. Scars are beautiful, in my view, because they show what you've been through, and how you've come out of that challenging phase of life.

Your scars represent your courage, determination and endurance, and that's why they are so beautiful. Some people bear startling resemblance with lovely Lotus flowers that grow in the mud, and yet rise above the murkier waters as astoundingly beautiful flowers. The mud of adversities, challenges and obstacles doesn't stop their growth, but offers the nourishment and strength to rise above the dirt.

I often think that it must be the strong desire, tenacity and perseverance of Lotus flower that makes her so unique in rising above and beyond the normal limitations. Lest we forget, not everything that grows in the mud turns into an elegant Lotus flower. In my view we must strive to develop the same mental strength, perseverance and passion within - so as to grow above the mud of compelling circumstances, hate, hardships, social rejections, and discriminations that we often encounter in the real world.

Only then we'll be able to transform into eloquent Lotus flowers, gently opening our soft and supple petals one by one, to make our world most beautiful. Sometimes in life, you've to let go of things that are not meant for you, no matter how wonderful those may be or how deeply you loved them.

It's most important to do it gracefully, respectfully, and with remarkable dignity that you'll be proud of later. Vous pouvez inverser le stress en mangeant desserts. La vie est douce! Souvent, lorsque nous sommes moins attendions, la vie met en place un défi vraiment difficile de tester notre courage et notre capacité à combattre. Nous ne devons pas prétendre que rien n'a été fait, mais devons nous lever et faire face à la réalité avec le plus grand courage.

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Nous devons accepter les faits que le défi ne va jamais à attendre, et que le flux de la vie ne renverse pas. Le courage est ce qui nous rend vraiment qui nous sommes, comme nous nous débattons avec nos démons de triompher. Bonne chance! Time proves to us that every failure carries the seedlings of success. Every disaster contains within itself the blessings from God.

And for every closed door of opportunity, there is always a new door opening a brand new opportunity in life. The point is to first find it and recognize it for its potential value in life- and that can be a tough challenge sometimes! It's easy said than done, and still you got to do it! When you're surrounded by deepest darkness, it's hard to even think about a ray of Sunshine.

Likewise it's difficult to think of justice, when you see the triumph of evil and deceit, and the defeat of truth and honesty all around us. Nonetheless, just as the first ray of Sun penetrates the dark and illuminates our world, the justice of Supreme Power prevails to uproot and smash the evil. The promise is that you will always get double of what was taken away from you; see e. Never lose the Hope and keep your Faith strong!

Whenever we look back in life and connect the dots, we often discover the strange fact of life; a strange dichotomy that at every juncture when we felt that we were being rejected for a good opportunity, we were in actuality getting directed to a far better opportunity of lifetime, precisely at that very moment. Such is the stream of life, flowing constantly, uninterrupted, always upwards and onwards! You have not really lived your life, either yesterday or today or even this minute, if you have not done anything for anyone who can never repay you.

Living life for others selflessly is the only Life that is lived truly and gracefully. You often feel that people change when you go through the most challenging tough phases in your life. In reality, the people don't change but their masks fall off to reveal their true faces. The best part of worst times in life is that you get your chance to see the people in their true colors.

Once you see their true colors in the naked light, you should never forget those, and importantly, you mustn't ever try to repaint them when the times will change.

All good things in life will come to you, as our Swedish friends say, if you: Fear less, Hope more; Whine less, Breathe more; Talk less, Say more; Hate less, Love more. And all good things are yours! Don't try to be someone or something that you're not! You'll gain more respect for being who you're in actuality, and not pretending to be someone else who is not YOU. Always be proud of yourself, and respect yourself first before anyone else!

Dancing with your demons empowers you, and surely enables you to reclaim your lost powers. It takes tremendous courage to face your demons, invite them to tea, dance with them, reach an impasse, and finally, conquer them for ever. That's exactly what Buddha did, after realizing that fighting his demons off was getting nowhever, while seeking Enlightenment under Bodhi tree.

You must develop gut to face your demons, such as anger, fear, greed, guilt, jealousy, lack of self-esteem, undue pride, and anything that is stopping you from reaching Enlightenment. You must bravely enter the territory that many fear to tread. Dance with your demons, and by God's grace you will succeed. During my childhood, we were taught by our parents to treat all elderly women as mothers, and younger women as sisters. We were taught to believe that women, just like men, are created in the image of God, and must be treated with love, dignity and respect.

These life's lessons from my childhood still remain close to my heart, regardless of time, place or society that I live in. I do hope that we'll continue to teach the same precious lessons to our children, so that they'll also treat every woman with love, dignity and respect - as their own mother or sister or daughter, as a divine image of God, and not as an object of desire to be ogled and fantasized about.

In my view, real men always treat women with Equality and Respect they rightfully deserve. Excellentes leçons sur le leadership situationnel sont offerts dans un film Hollywoodien "Twelve O'Cllock High" demettant en vedette Gregory Peck.

Dans ce film, un général inflexibles Geegory Peck prend en charge une unité de bombardier avec un moral bas, et transforme cette unité dans une équipe étoile brillante performance. I beaucoup appris sur le leadership de ce film - bien avant mon cours de MBA sur le leadership. Vous pouvez voir comment un vrai leader avance les adeptes au-delà de leurs limites normales, au cours de leur association, en premier révélateur, puis la vente, suivie par la collaboration, et enfin déléguer les tâches.

Un vrai leader crée et nourrit de nombreux leaders de la prochaine génération; la leçon que je appris et ai toujours suivi avec succès comme un leader engagé. For any relationship to become successful, whether it's personal or business, your loyalty to three most important values is an absolute must in life.

Those three values are Honesty, Integrity and Truth, in my view. You don't need any rules for complying with these three fundamental values that define your moral character and trustworthiness. If you are looking for Happiness, never look for it in the place where you lost it in the first place.

There are many other better places to choose from. Be smart, and you'll be happy. In my view, that tiny 'Umph' often gives you monumental mph i.

The minuscule 'Umph' can thus make a mega-difference, and all you need is that little 'Umph' to succeed. Hence you must strive to get that 'Umph' in your life; by pushing yourself slightly harder, and by putting that extra little kick in every struggle of life.

With that little 'Umph' on your side, you'll surely break a leg! So, what are you waiting for? La seule façon de trouver votre auto est d'abord de vous perdre. Perdez-vous à toutes les affaires du monde, plongez dans les océans les plus profonds de monde matériel - jusqu'à ce que le moment spécial de l'éveil, un appel prédestiné que tout le monde reçoit à un certain stade de la vie. Partir de ce moment, onsets le processus de réalisation de ski et de votre voyage sur le chemin de l'illumination.

Et donc vous trouvez votre auto, seulement après vous perdre dans la jungle de monde matérialiste. El verdadero propósito de la vida humana es muy noble en mi humilde opinión May your Coffee be hot and strong! May your Clothes be warm and comfy!

And may your Monday be smooth and smiling! Make a great Monday! No matter how highly educated, how well-travelled, and how wealthy you are; if you don't treat people with respect and dignity, it's all a waste. Nous ne devons pas sentir mal parce que quelqu'un vole nos idées. Nous, à la place, devrions nous sentir mauvais qu'ils ne disposaient pas tout de leur propre pour commencer.

Merci beaucoup. Nous ne vous énervez pas tout simplement parce que quelqu'un ment, triche et brise notre confiance. Ce est la violation et la perte de notre innocence qui nous blesse profondément à l'intérieur, pour une courte durée au moins.

Pourtant, lorsque nous relever de cette chute bizarre, nous découvrons que nous sommes plus forts que jamais. Ce est vrai que ce qui ne nous tue pas nous rend souvent plus forte. Si étrange que cela puisse paraître, nous devrions être reconnaissants à cette personne tromper, qui nous a offert une occasion en or dans le déguisement - pour éliminer nos maillons les plus faibles et de nous renforcer au-delà de nos limites normales.

Paradoxical as it may seem, holding on to certain things may make you weaker while letting go of those things may make you stronger. Sometimes letting go of things that are too heavy to carry can be the difficult and yet the best move you make, for the stream of life to move on and flow smoothly onwards and upwards. Peu importe la façon dont les autres vous traitent, être gentil avec tous les gens qui touchent votre vie. Les seuls mots que vous regretterez ans plus tard dans la vie, en plus de ceux que vous aviez laissés tacite, seront ceux que vous utilisé intentionnellement pour blesser les autres.

Le temps et les mots ne jamais revenir, afin de les utiliser avec prudence et de soins, toujours traiter les gens avec dignité et le sx comment perdre du poids facilement qu'ils méritent. Si vous êtes debout pour une raison, se dressent comme un arbre, forte, puissante et de grande taille.

Si vous tombez, vous tomberez comme une graine qui germe et crée un nouvel arbre dans ce monde. Notre monde doit certainement beaucoup plus d'arbres que ce que nous avons aujourd'hui! Souvent dans la vie, vous avez à travailler sur les deux fronts, traiter objectivement des locaux diamétralement opposés, puis arriver à la meilleure solution. Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, vous espérez pour le mieux, et attendent aussi le pire dans le même temps.

Vous opérez dans le monde réel avec la meilleure attitude positive, tout en comprenant parfaitement bien ce qui est pratiquement possible dans une situation donnée. Cette combinaison synergique d'optimisme réaliste ou réalisme optimiste peut vous aider à faire face à des problèmes d'une manière efficace et positive, à mon avis, surtout pendant les phases difficiles dans la vie. Successful people are those who pick up the lemons that life throws at them, and turn them into lemonade, lemon marmalade and even crema di limoncello.

You have got to be really smart and savvy to build a solid foundation with the bricks that people throw at you. Success comes to only those who are smart to transform every threat into a new opportunity, and overcome the adversity with courage and determination. History teaches us that those who work hard and smart, always triumph in the end.

Make a great day, my friend! Successful people don't just dream, but also pursue their Dreams with Passion and Perseverance until they achieve Success. Fortune always favors those who help themselves, and Success comes those who work smart.

Sunday is a special day, in my view, to stop and smell few roses, be thankful for the beauty and grace in life, and thank God for everything that we have. It's the day to appreciate the fact that many things we often take for granted some people pray to have, somewhere in this world. So be happy with what you have, don't worry about the things that you can't control, and enjoy your Sunday! Make a great Sunday! The most important lesson I've learnt is that you should always treat people exactly they themselves wish to be treated.

Truth is the most elegant and wonderful thing in the world, until you use it as a weapon to deliberately hurt others. Be truthful at all times but never be brutal and venomous. Always be nice to people, no matter what others say or do. Un diamant est né seulement après que le supporter de charbon et une pression énorme durable et énorme chaleur pendant des milliers d'années.

La beauté ne vient pas par hasard! Vos interactions avec le monde extérieur sont largement déterminées par la façon dont vous vous sentez. Voyez-vous, à moins que et jusqu'à ce que vous vous sentez heureux et confortable sur vous-même, vous ne pouvez pas être heureux avec les autres. Vous devez vous accepter comme vous êtes en réalité. Une fois que vous être en phase avec vous-même, vous atteignez l'harmonie avec le monde extérieur. Votre bonheur est vraiment dans vos propres mains. Vous êtes toujours connu par la compagnie que vous gardez.

We, the humans, have been exploiting poor voiceless animals for thousands of years - in the name of religion, in the name of science, in the name of sports, in the name of fashion, and last but not the least, in the name of food.

Hopefully some day this will come to an end, once we, the humans, appreciate the fact that even the animals have rights too, just like us, the humans. Let's hope that day will arrive soon!

What others think about you is the Perception, while what you know about yourself is the Reality. The Perception and the Reality would match perfectly - only if you are honest and truthful in your character, and transparent in your behavior.

Whatever we are today is the outcome of the choices we had made before. When we connect the dots, we realize how various events led to the results that we see today.

If we do not like the outcome, we must change our choices. In my honest view, we create our own future with our own hands, and Destiny is surely not a matter of chance but of choices we make everyday. Good luck my friend, in making right choices. You are also asked to fill out an electronic review to provide your thoughts on how your customer service experience was, and how it can be improved further.

A Dreamer is often the Visionary who can see the beauty of Dawn in the midst of darkness of the night, while the rest of the world is deep asleep. Em vez disso, você deve recebê-los em sua vida e ser seu aluno, logo que possível. Absurdities and Anomalies of Life always amaze and amuse me.

Admettre votre erreur et de prendre la responsabilité de vos actions nécessite courage et l'humilité extraordinaire. Les gens interprètent mal souvent une responsabilité comme une faiblesse. Au contraire, la responsabilité démontre votre caractère ouvert d'esprit. Disant "désolé" nécessitent le niveau plus élevé de capacité intellectuelle. Seules les personnes forte d'esprit et bien équilibrés peuvent le faire sans effort. Toujours fier tout en prenant la responsabilité de vos actions - parce que ce la seule comment perdre du poids le plus rapidement possible jeux de votre personnage qui vous différencier du reste aussi remarquable et extraordinaire.

All I'm today and I'll be tomorrow, I owe to my parents, to their love, and to the values they instilled in me. Always use your words with utmost caution, because at some stage in your life the only words you'll regret more than the ones left unspoken are the ones you used to intentionally and willingly hurt someone. Time and Words are most powerful, and neither of them can be taken back.

Be nice to people - always! Be self-confident! Believe in yourself first before anyone else! Nobody, absolutely no one, in the world should be able to shake your self-confidence without your consent. Be a well-balanced self-critic to improve yourself, at all times! You're a "Cut above the rest" - and that you mustn't ever forget. Ce que nous portons est souvent le reflet de ce que nous ressentons. Lorsque nous portons des jeans, il reflète l'humeur plus confortable, doux et chaleureux que nous sommes dans ce jour-là à mon humble avis.

Je pense aussi que chaque fois une beauté ou un génie porte des jeans, il fait sûrement déclaration de mode la plus percutante. You must develop courage to face your demons, such as anger, fear, greed, guilt, jealousy, lack of self-esteem, undue pride, and anything that is stopping you from reaching Perfection.

Do not lose Hope, even though you feel low right now. So until the dawn, enjoy the Stars who come out and shine in the darkness of night. Life is beautiful, at every stage.

Dos caminos divergieron en un bosque amarillo. Y lo siento yo no podía viajar, ya sea de esos. Ni el menos transitado. El camino a seguir mis sueños. Después de todo, cualquier camino es sólo una carretera. Hasta que se haga algo de ella.