Roller coaster rides in india

Take fast track tickets during weekend to avoid queue. I had a best days in this theme park. Only one feel is I not unable to ride in roller coaster cuz at my visiting day I was repaired. The ride from top is awesome. Club dance is also available in Tamil songs too. Totally it's one of the good theme park I met. Jun 09, By: aby mathew Lot of activities for kids, youngsters, and family groups.

Jun 04, By: Kasyap Ashttaman As the name suggests. This is truly a wonderful land. Gives such a great amusement for children as well as adults. This makes it one of the major amusement parks in India. This amusement park maintains excellent water quality and the rides here are just amazing. You will certainly get amazed. It's a must visit place and also a really wonderful place to bring kids. The dry games and water rides are all equally fantastic. May 27, By: Raghul Subramanian Wonderful place to spend with family or friends for a day.

Really nice rides we enjoyed a lot. Entertainment guaranteed But after 7pm there is no bus facility to access as it little outside city. Have to wait for autos or share services in tempo traveller available with crowd.

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Must try Recoil n degree n maverick best among all. Quality of rides are amazing! Park is well maintained. The water rides are also maintained quite well Don't expect the water to be of drinking quality.

But since it's so popular, the place is quite crowded and entry fees are pretty high. But, after a fun-filled day, you won't mind spending that extra buck. Apr 22, By: Arfan Kabeer Nice place. Good and can enjoy maximum. Wonderful amusement park. Good to spend our time. Nice service and great experience for the kids. Kids enjoy most in here. Water slides here are very good and enjoyable. Lot of visitors are approaching here. Well place to spend time.

They are giving a full day enjoyment or more than that. It is a very good place to spend your holidays or free time. There are plenty of things that will make you entertain and makes your mind refreshed. But the biggest problem is that you will not be able to enjoy all the rides since the queue is so long you spend most of the time standing in one.

If you really wanna enjoy all the rides, it is better to spend a few extra bucks and get their special ticket which will allow you to skip queues. May 13, By: kamesh k Good theme park.

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But here they are maintaining timings for few shows like 3d and laser show etc, so you won't get much time to cover all. For good rides there was huge crowd that to on weekdays and waiting period takes almost 30 to 1 hr.

Once you entered in, they should allow us to use all the things whichever is eligiblethere should not be such timings to be maintained. May 10, By: Chaithrodaya Sukruth Very nice place to spend day outing with kids and family.

Has rides n waterfalls for all age groups.

Recoil, India's First Reverse Looping Roller Coaster - Photo de Wonderla Amusement Park, Hyderabad

Maintenance is very good, lockers, toilets, restaurants all very clean. People are very friendly and helpful. Lot of effort has been put in place to give customers very good experience n enjoyable stay which is visible moment u enter park. Amazing rides and well maintained place. For anyone planning a trip here it is recommended to take fast track passes as there are normally long ques during peak hours and you would not be able to enjoy all the rides.

There is also a large food court with multiple restaurants for lunch, and snacks. One can enjoy a variety of rides or just spend time in leisure pools. Expert Advice: 1. If you are thinking of going there on a weekend or a holiday and want to do as many rides as possible - get fast track tickets These are premium tickets that let you skip the queues.

Believe me, you Dave around 30 minutes on every ride giving you more time to repeat the rides or take as many as possible. If you are going with smaller kids below cm heightit not that great Very few rides for them.

Well then. Very good place to bring your kids also. The roller coaster ride is just awesome! Pools are also maintained clean.

Mar 13, By: Rajesh Praharaj Very good place. Make sure you take fast track ticket otherwise you will have to spend hours waiting for rides! Water rides are good Enough restaurant inside so don't bother taking food with you as they don't allow food inside.

Make sure you take lockers.

You can buy the costume required for water rides from Wonderla itself. They are dirt cheap so don't spend lot of money buying them before. Looking for a bit of thrill then don't miss to take the Recoil ride!!! Make sure go with empty stomach though! Mar 10, By: rajeev shastri Awesome park. Very good Rides. A must for any adventure riding. There are lot of rides for kids as well.

Food options are good and prices are reasonable. There a beautiful fish pond. There is watch tower with very good view of the full park and you can see a 10km radius from it. Well maintained facility.

Water sports are very good for kids. There are few height restrictions which are meant for safety of kids. Mar 06, By: hari gomathi Wonder La is among most famous amusement parks of the city. Comprising Dry Rides and Wet Rides, the attraction is frequented by tourists seeking fun while on vacation. The amusement park houses various attractions for tourists of all age groups, including the 80 metres high Sky Wheel building.

The amusement park offers innumerable fun rides for kids and teens, including wooden water chute, pipes of different heights and curves to slide through. For tourists seeking relaxation, there are air boats to laze around in a water pool.

Among other noteworthy water rides at the park are the vertical drop and artificial wave pools. In addition, the Crazy Car, Indoor Musical Fountain and a Giant wheel on a metre platform are also popular with the tourists.

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Roller coaster rides in india

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