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Remember: we don't give rides to random people on the street. A Florida doctor was allegedly caught on camera physically and verbally attacking an Uber driver in Miami. Anjali Ramkissoon apparently jumped into the U For your friends A gift from me to you!

You'll never need a taxi again. Available on iPhone and Android. The Ride Guy a partagé une publication. Rideshare with Lyft.

Lyft is your friend with a car, whenever you need one. Download the app, and get a ride from a friendly driver within minutes.

Can Uber get any cheaper? New areas, new rates, new promos. You can now ride uberPOOL in more locations for less. General Motors Co.

Daily fantasy sports companies have become the face of the fight between technology and regulation, but is shaping up to be a hugely important year for ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft. The controversial companies are still trying to grow their products and user base, while grappling…. I think some can To own a car or not. Cars can be really convenient.

You can go anywhere! Téléchargez votre CV Connexion. Rechercher Avis sur les entreprises Consulter des salaires. Téléchargez votre CV. Trouver des entreprises. Avis des employés pour Driver chez Lyft Evaluer cette entreprise. Trier par: Pertinence Note Date. Great side hussle with flexible hours.

Since one is an independent contractor there's also really not much room for growth. But this is a great side hussle good for side income. Not recommended as a full-time job since the weekly income isn't consistent and varies depending on the season and time of the year with times being extremely slow and at times being very busy. Points positifs. Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile?

Too many drivers. At first driving was good, Then after i started getting good bonuses but it quicky went away after a few months. Not alot of chefs nor indians You're the boss! You have to love cars, love to drive, and patience to be a driver People ask if I'm scared to drive due to being a female I always reply I was a nurse for 15years, nothing Scares me lol Turn on your music, Sip your drink, and collect coins Simple as that You make your own schedule, you are your own boss, Log on an off as you please.

Passengers can be rude, you can rate the passenger But even if they lied on you Set my own hours.

I just started with Lyft. I am in training. Good so far. I will probably drive part time after I have a full time job. To be determined. Seems like a good place to work. It is good to be working again. Thank you Lyft. You hired me when many others didn't. Fast paced work. Great customer service is a must. Good luck and drive safely. Meet new people and make your own hours This is a great job for the go getters out there.

Your always moving from place to place. The people vary in walks of life and are generally pretty friendly to the drivers. Great working environmen. The main reason Lyft was a great job opportunity was you really are your own boss in the sense that you could work at any given time to your desire. It's uplifting many times because you're given the experience in interacting with many people around the Chicago land area.

Not a full-time job!! I've driven for Lyft off and on for about a year. Have almost rides under my belt and I can tell you right now this is no full time job!. It is only profitable to drive during prime time hours and even then I find myself wondering if it is worth it.

There are sometimes mins lags between pick ups and you never know what weirdo is going to get in your car. Yes, most people are very cool but then there are the others. My biggest complaint about Lyft is that I have seen the demographics change significantly in the last few months.

A lot of teenagers use their parents account to order a car so you think you are picking up "Elizabeth" when you are really picking up Johnny and his stoner buddies from the mall. Don't even get me started on the late weekend nights Management Misleads drivers. I have been screwed twice now by incentive offers to drive a certain times because the company set up a no win situation to which I needed to comply.

Just because they offer it to you, doesn't mean they have any intention of offering it to you. If you wonder why the driver turnover is high with Lyft, check out how they treat drivers. The friendliness is only skin deep.

They reall have no regard for drivers. Enjoy the freedom of being an independent contractor. LYFT has great incentives and are a great business model for the ride share industry.

As long as you are motivated to drive, there is plenty of opportunity to earn a viable income. LYFT provides good support for any questions I have learned how to use the LYFT APP fairly proficiently and am amazed at the reliability of the technology that is used to provide daily reports for all my rides and fares. The hardest part of the job would be the late night hours, which if you are prone to not getting enough rest can come back to make the job a little difficult.

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I get to drive around beautiful San Diego and meet interesting people. Sometimes traffic can get congested and areas of town are a little risky at night. Easy earnings. It's a pretty neat gig to where you work whenever you want and work as much as you want. I can take a vacation whenever and not have to worry about having someone cover for me if I was gone for an extended period.

If you are operating a new car, it is impossible to meet your financial responsibilities, this is a job for students that have parents paying their overhead, some of the riders are people I would never allow in my car if I knew them personally, they are also used as official Inspectors for your vehicle, by the company, which can cause you to be deactivated instantly, then you have the burden to prove that there is no safety issue, this is hand in hand corporate greed.

Risks vs. The compensation keeps dropping as they are in competition with Uber. The fare rates keep dropping The rating system they employ does not give the driver a fair enough ability to defend against unfair evaluations by passengers.

There is also an issue with the Parking authority as it is judged to be a gypsy cab company subject to confiscation or our vehicles and heavy fines. The risks outweigh the benefits as of right now. Low and still decreasing Driver compensation, make your own schedule.