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Coasters World en live! Isn't it beautiful? I live in Ohio, and this little piece of news means that Cedar Fair will be operating all major parks in Ohio.

I am a huge fan of Cedar Point, and I'm happy that they polished up the tarnishing Geauga Lake real nice as well. Kings Island on the other hand, doesn't really need that much help in the way of operations. In fact, they really don't need much help at all except for a new coaster. That being said though, I hope that the new debt load Cedar Fair and their backers now has doesn't diminish the quality of Kings Island or any of the other parks.

Being a bit of a selfish person, I also hope that they continue to invest in Kings Island the way Paramount did.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the monopoly of the Ohio market, because monopolies are usually not good for quality, innovation, and creativity. I hope that Cedar Fair doesn't get complacent in markets where they have no competition. Third, this acquisition will make 12 parks owned and operated by Cedar Fair. That's almost double what they have now. That's a large expansion and a lot of money now on their backs. TPI's favorite park chain Six Flags' cross to bear was and still is the enormous amount of debt.

Hopefully they utilize some of the good local management teams at the Paramount parks for this venture. Luckily, Cedar Fair has a history of being able to supply those qualities. Despite my questions, I'm excited about this venture for my favorite park chain. This franchise represents a huge oppurtunity for Cedar Fair. Busch Gardens and Six Flags should take notice about their new friendly neighbors in Richmond. Cedar Fair will examine bringing Nick brand to all Cedar Fair parks. Wouldn't be surprised to see Cedar Fair go after that one -A little off the subject, but the announcement of Cedar Points coaster project will be announced in August.

Cedar Fair is well known for their outstanding parks as well as attractions.

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Now that they have aquired the Paramount chain, all that we can expect is for every park to get better attractions. Also, we can expect the parks to operate much smoother and some of the attractions that need some desperate attention will get that or will be removed is they aren't that important. I'm very excited to see what will happen in the next year or two.

Some stuff that could start to really give Universal and Disney a run for their money. Cedar Fair is just what their name implies, a fair. Besides roller coaster, they have nothing more than your local state fair. There IS a difference. Thrillers, adrenaline junkies, the food tasters come join the fun. Lots of coaster.

DiamondbackBansheeBeast, Racer are the best. Top kids area. Matthew Stovall Juillet 1, If you go during the early week Tuesday, Wednesdaythe park is a lot less busy. Drewski Octobre 19, Hadn't been in 15 years but was impressed with Cedar Fair's management. Banshee was cool, but Diamondback was the clear standout for me.

Kings Island - Photo de Kings Island, Mason

Victoria Alexis Juin 9, Nice size amusement and water parkfun family day. At night the fireworks were nice. Taylor S Juillet 30, Great time. Clean and park is set up very nicely for kids and adults. Line strategy: if you go in the morning, head straight for the back of the park and work your way forward. The nice thing about a season pass is that you can visit over lunch if you're in the area Leah Warner Juin 17, Since removing the Paramount title, Kings Island is just lackluster to me.

Some rides are classics, but the newer Mystic Timbers was just meh. Aaron Botts Décembre 10, Kings Island has a wonderful selection of flat rides. If you're looking for a fast line, hit up Delirium! That thing eats lines for breakfast! The Banshee at night is awesome!

The Diamondback and the Beast are must rides as well. This place is well worth the trip! So many coasters and the lines moved very fast.

Kings Island

Glen Green Août 16, I was lucky enough to have a full moon view while riding the Beast. Sarah Juillet 7, Best place to go for roller coasters if your from the Hoosier state. Aaron Taylor Août 8, BansheeDiamondbackFirehawkand blueberry ice cream are the best. Amy Shropshire Août 8, Get the Fastpass but don't bother with Fastpass Plus. Then just do Firehawk and the Beast first. Sarah LeVasseur Septembre 28, Firehawk is worth the wait if it's down!! DiamondbackThe Beats, and Banshee and also musts!!

KI now has a season pass meal plan. Hot damn.

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Teea Cook Mai 16, The sky flyer is amazing! The ride up is scary but once you pull the cord it's total fun from there!!!

Like any other amusement parkthe food is overpriced. Pack lunch in a cooler and leave it in your car. At lunch time, get your hand stamped and eat in the parking lot to save a few bucks. Plan your front-seat night ride on The Beast: add 20 mins to posted wait; get in line so you'll be on ride 1 hour after official sunset but before fireworks shutdown.

Duane Lester Juillet 30, Get there early to have shorter lines and during a weekday for less local season passholders. Courtney Hembree-Brown Mai 28, Great for families!!!

Everything is sooo fun!!