Pigmentary glaucoma after cataract surgery

The basic concept is microchip implantation of electrodes on the retina or below it. They are stimulated by light, converting them to electric signals. Then these electric impulses induce biological visual signals in the remaining functional retinal cells and which are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain. Mark Humayun and Eugene DeJuan at the Doheny Eye Institute USC were the original inventors of the active epiretinal prosthesis and demonstrated proof of principle in acute patient investigations at Johns Hopkins University in the early s along with Dr.

Robert Greenberg. In the late s the company Second Sight was formed by Dr. Greenberg along with medical device entrepreneur Alfred E. Mann to develop a chronically implantable retinal prosthesis. Gisbert Richard and his team with the IMI system. We as ophthalmologists should give these patients a positive ray of hope as well address their clinical situation.

I always tell them that the researchers around the world are relentlessly working for them and some cure already rising on the horizon would surely land in the clinical practice arena in the near future. Peer reviewed journals and indexed journals, what's the difference? Peer reviewed journals are the journals reviewed by qualified individuals within the relevant field.

It is a process of self-regulation, employed by physicians or surgeons to maintain standards, improve performance and provide credibility to the journal. Indexed journals are the journals certified by Index Medicus.

The stated reason for discontinuing the printed publication was that online resources had supplanted it,[ 16 ] most specially PubMed, which continues to include the Index as a subset of the journals it covers. JCR provides quantitative tools for evaluating journals. Our current impact factor is 0.

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Pigmentary glaucoma after cataract surgery

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