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What if instead of conquering and surpassing yourself, you stepped down in favour of an era of collaboration and contemplation? An era of reachable dreams and not of oversized ambitions that leave many of us behind? In this book, Ismaël Khelifa offers a life vision where sincerity replaces competition. Where we try to live better with less, in the respect of nature. Where we achieve to live in self-realisation with the others rather than in domination and ego. To guide us in the principles that consolidate this idea, he makes us meet men and women all around the world.

Neither sages nor gurus. Simply inspiring, generous and strong human beings. Anonymous people whose life path pushes them to rethink their place and now open up line of thinking. Elle semb doucement, alors que nous le fondre vers nous, sommes assis sur les rempa Ce jour-là, pour rts.

Tou la campagne. Com Commelorsqumon étaien bâton sentir. Pou rs. Je rêve des s. La nat le monde. Mes de cro s tard, et me entrer s. Un pied, au prix endroit auque de nombreux l on autonomie. Ce aventure. He travels a lot around the world to write documentary films, adventure and children books. Each week, Khelifa co-hosts a prime time TV show on the French public television Échappées Belles, followed by millions.

Giving a little or a lot of yourself makes you happy. Marcel Mauss has described it in his short book The Gift: receiving a gift means giving something in return, and it keeps a vicious circle going.

Answer our impulsions, share our skills: build and repair for free. Open up our doors to others and go out of our homes. This book is a guide to give you ideas to build a fairer world, where sharing and solidarity are the main values. And it begins at home with easy actions: boxes with books, free access to fridges and vegetable gardens, welcoming refugees.

This happy guidebook will give you thousands of ideas to give back a meaning to solidarity! A waste free planet is a priority for our future!

This daily green guidebook will accompany you during this process, fighting together the core problem: waste and rubbish! You have the power to change the wold, to join the individual to collective actions. It is necessary and not that complicated. Lecturer, adviser, passionate and green fighting activist, Julie Bernier is led by the will to make come together struggles and commitments in order to protect the environment and global health.

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Chaque année en France, millions de capsules qui sont jetées. Dans le monde ce nombres'élève à 8 milliard soit 40 tonnes de déchet s, l'équivalent de 4 tours Eiffel. The moon has always been associated with women: to the lunar cycle answer the four phases of the menstrual cycle. The lunar months correspond with energy-giving moments that, each month, influence our daily life the same way they influence tides, seasons, farming… For women, the moon is a marvellous tool to know themselves, reconnect with their nature and cycles and follow their inner movements.

This book offers a path around the lunar energies to know yourself and respect your rhythms, identify the best time to start a project, settle your intentions or evaluate yourself, take actions or focus on yourself, etc. It is the re-appropriation of your full powers and living to the fullest the strong moments of each cycle. A vibrant temps de convalescence augmentation mammaire québec, cleverly illustrated by the poetic and vivid drawings of Franco-Mexican plastic artist Vic Oh.

Inspired by ancestral wisdoms, Stéphanie Lafranque is passionate with plants, energetic and lunar cycles. Vic Oh is a plastic artist, raised in Mexico where she learnt colours and emotions, primitive art, magical realism and ancestral cultures. Now living in Paris, she shares in her paintings the strength of the wild feminine and the mystical universe that surrounds us.

We spend our lives refusing all forms of suffering and denying that our lives will inexorably lead us to death. Because it is exactly because we are going to die that it is so important to live our lives, give a meaning to it and live it fully while we still can. It offers an original synthesis of recent psychotherapeutic development, based especially on mindfulness and hypnosis.

François Bourgognon works as a psychiatrist and is head of the French Institute of Mindfulness. He also coaches and teaches doctors with this method. We spend almost half of our time occupied by parasitic thoughts. Thanks to meditation, it is possible to refocus on the present moment and to be fully conscious of what we are living at all times, to enjoy life to the fullest!

This practical and illustrated guide will accompany you in your learning of meditation. The book is built around a metaphor: travel. You are invited to participate to the exploration of a lush jungle, nothing more than your inner landscape. Three parts make up this book: 1. Prepare your journey: frequent questions, what you should know before leaving, advice and warnings; 2. Welcome in your inner landscape: sensations, emotions, thought; 3.

And now, where to go: values, kindness, commitment. Namatata is a French app to begin meditation in 10 minutes per day created by Antoine Gerlier. Antoine Gerlier is the founder of the Namatata meditation app. He started his carreer in finance and decided to change to a kind and positive universe, meditation. Every cat owner quickly understands that it is not the cat that lives at his place but the contrary.

It is only once this assumption is agreed that the unbalanced relationship can start and that everyone — mostly the cat — can find his share. Adopting a cat includes becoming a doorman, a litter cleaner, a waiter and a hair vacuum cleaner. BUT, and this is when it gets interesting, observing our cats also allows us — retarded living beings, to learn the most important things in life.

A cat teaches us to place comfort on top of all existential values, to cherish our liberty who has ever forced his cat to do anything against its will? This book will tell you how much adopting a cat, will change the life of all family members.

It is also a guide on what cats can teach us. What if we all learned from these cute though deceitful, lazy and despising creatures? Ondine Khayat works as a clinical psychologist certified in Person-centred therapy. She has written several self-help works. At 39 years old, Raphaëlle, a very sensitive painter who has been separated for years, lives completely detached from any form of affection and dedicates all her time to art.

She has lost contact with her father since 20 years. He had always rejected her and is the reason her mother committed suicide. When she finds out that he has passed away, all her child wounds rise up again.

No longer capable of painting, drowned in sorrow and subject to panic attacks, Raphaëlle can no longer run from her past. To top it all, she finds a letter from her father who bequeaths her with his cottage in Giverny, the famous village of Claude Monet. What is she going to do with it? Erase everything that has to do with her father or face up to her painful childhood?

With the help of her best friend, she decides to make it into a residence for artists. Inside the cottage, she will revisit her past and little by little get over her dark thoughts in favour of life, family, friends…. Based in Paris, Charlotte is building a stable life with Tom and her dancing rehearsals when we offer her a chance to follow a company to L.

Torn between the fear of losing her boyfriend in a long distance relationship and her passion for dancing, she finally decides to leave, driven by strange dreams in which her great-grandmother whispers Spanish chants.

Barely after landing in L. A, Charlotte is quickly disillusioned and Tom breaks up with her. Fearing of having taken the wrong decision, an astonishing synchronicity puts her back on the track: she finds out that her great-grandmother had also come to L. A to sing before settling in Argentina after a break-up. She holds on. After the success of her performance, she receives an offer to sing in a musical. This trip to an unfamiliar land eventually takes her to solve her family past and to free herself from the grey areas.

Californian and bright atmospheres, L. A graduated lawyer, Olivia Zeitline is passionate about arts and self-help. In this second novel, she fuses her talents as an artist, writer and selfhelp coach. Aged 38 years old, Aurélia is a passionate of the Middle Ages and an investigative reporter. Between her time-consuming job, her collapsing couple and her young children she has no time to spend with, Aurélia is overtaken gym maigrir des cuisses her stressful life, outside from herself and incapable to stop and think about another life.

But an odd chain of events will turn the tide: sent to Bordeaux to investigate on a hi-tech company and its dubious practices, she is violently faced with the CEO who threatens her children safety if she insists too much. Still in shock, Aurélia takes refuge in the toilets to unleash her rage when she bumps into Eleanor of Aquitaine!

Her heroine in person. Eleanor tells her she is under house arrest by her husband Henry II, King of England, for having tried to rise up their sons against him. From her captivity and during meditation sessions, she tries to defy space-time looking for a solution to pacify her relationship with her husband. She easily comes from toconvinced to have been brought to Aurélia for good reasons.

The two women will get to better know each other facing their own paths until sealing a deal: Eleanor initiates Aurélia to the founding principles of sacred feminine to help her being her life master in exchange of advice to change her relationship with the King and regain her freedom.

Little by little, Aurélia will reappropriate her personal power, her independence and will finally allow herself to live in accordance with her profound desires.

Karine Micard is a writer and karma-therapist trained to the mind expansion techniques and in energetic physiotherapy. At 40, Caroline has it all: a loving husband, two adorable children, a great job and a warm home. But one fine summer day, everything collapses: she finds out her husband is cheating on her and wants to divorce.

In the depths of despair, her boss fires her on the same day! How will she overcome such terrible ordeals? Fortunately, her best friend invites her to come and visit her where she is spending her holiday. With a heavy heart, she packs her bags and goes to see her on a campsite… which turns out to be a nudist kind!

Caroline Franc is a 1st generation influencer, journalist, lifestyle author, scriptwriter and blogger. She started her blog Pensées by Caro twelve years ago, and is the author of Mission Hygge, First, Arnaud Riou has been studying the pathways of oriental wisdomand the modern world for over 20 years. He gives numerous conferences across the world and also works as a coach for major company leaders.

For 12 years, he pursued annual meditation retreats and took refuge in with Garchen Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher in the Drikung Kagyu lineage. He also explored shamanism during his trips to Mongolia.

She attributes him the great name Narni. Arnaud Riou thus becomes the first European Shaman to be officially recognized by this Mongols tradition. A solid relationship has grown between both, and he often invites her to France to give conferences with him. He is the author of several books including the best-seller Réveillez le chaman qui est en vous Solar, Thomas is a second-rank actor, in a relationship since several years but incapable of committing.

He seems to be every bit the loser who is shirking his responsibilities. He chases after parts just like he chases after girls. Trapped in the role of an unlucky actor, a misunderstood genius, and an unfaithful partner, he knows deep down that he is missing out on his life. One evening at a theatre show, he bumps into Carmen Arteba, an actress he worked with many years back. Their encounter is a revelation.

Under the spell of this stunning girl, he drops the act. A few days later on a night of the full moon, Thomas finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and feels completely lost. He instinctively seeks out for Carmen at her spiritual retreat in the countryside. In the course of an intense immersion at this retreat, Thomas has several shamanic and mindfulness experiences that gradually enable him to revisit his past, discover his true nature and to open up his heart.

Scientific studies are multiplying on this topic and prove the associations between the microbiota composition and some pathologies and even cancers.

But we are also discovering links with some neurological, degenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases. It is essential to take care of this microbiota by nourishing it well.

The main goal of the HappyBiote programme: digestive comfort, vitality resurgence, good mood, and, as a bonus, weight loss. The book starts with a synthesis of the essential knowledge on the intestinal microbiota, then the author accompanies the reader with a stepby-step 6-week programme built in 3 phases: nourish the good bacteria, reduce the living space of the bad ones and create a comfortable environment to the microbiota.

At the end of the book, practical sheets: microbiota boosting products and how to cook them, bad eating habits to give up, meal organisation and their balance. Virginie Gervès suffers from a digestive inflammatory disease.

After meeting many specialists, Gervès imagined a new eating plan, more adapted to her pain, and the results quickly showed. Inshe launched HappyBiote, a 6-week programme and coaching, and now counts hundreds of happy intestines!

Vous voulez perdre du poids kilos? Sélectionnezen 2 ou 3 et notez-les. Vous pourrez suivre votre évoluti on grâce à de progression la roue de la page XX. Épluch ins. Mixez-l à nou mixez leurs pép à nthe et mixez z la me e. Pour autant, les week-ends es de craquag ne choisissez vos es! Reprenez préférés. La 1re semain e de ce program à mettre en me vous invite place la marche car en marcha quotidienne ; nt, vous muscles et brûler faites travailler vos des calories!

Sport ive avec plus de 5 kg à perdre Marche rapide 30 minutes par jour ou 30 minute s de jogging2 fois par semain e. Chili revisité p. Vous devez perdre du poids essent iellement pour votre santé ; ainsi, vous retrouverez un certain bienêtre et une confi ance en soi. Valérie Espinasse is a micronutritionist specialised in food intolerance and weight loss. She is also author of numerous books on healthy diets and shares her expertise and her best advice to get back in shape in a few months.

Votre objecti f est de retrouv er votre poids de forme et une silhouette dans laquelle vous vous sentez bien. This practical and fun book will efficiently accompany you during 3 months of a rebalancing and reshaping diet.

First, you will define in a first part your goal and will establish the bases of your weight loss thanks to visual tools to follow up your progress and to stay motivated during the whole programme. Then, you will be guided in a second part by the advice and the proven method of Valérie Espinasse, expert and renowned micronutritionist. Finally, you will be accompanied by a stepby-step diary, day after day, week after week! Assessments-pages every 15 days and every month will help you to stay motivated!

The challenge is up to your eating and physical standards, follow each step at a time the advice, the menus and the trainings, and live in your dream body! Charlotte Tourmente was a medicine augmentation mammaire paris ibiza direct when she felt the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis MS.

This disease was about to disrupt her life: with the support her university dean, she chose not to practise. Once she graduated however, she became a medical journalist and now regularly appears on French TV. In this book, Tourmente tells her story: a woman suffering from a chronic disease but who has decided to stay a fighter, with humour and expertise. A very charismatic lady, she invites both ill and healthy readers to adopt a positive mind at all times.

Welcome to our growing series focused on health and well-being! After the first three titles dedicated to specific body organs, we are widening our horizons with new health-oriented themes. All subjects are simple and accessible to all, thanks to short texts, detailed diagrams and practical tips. Each title is written by a different author, specialised in his own field. Is your teenager asking many question about what he is eating?

Is he considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan? Are you afraid for his health? For your family balance? Fear not! Katia Raffarin works as a photographer, journalist, TV and radio producer. Mother of a family who slowly stopped eating meat, she led a long investigation to help her children and other parents to handle vegetarianism happily and easily. Going to college, renting an apartment, having roommates… student life is quite a big change!

In these funny and very practical comics, discover plenty of information and advice to help students serenely flea from the nest! In the kitchen: essential materials; basic ingredients; how to choose good products; food balance; a few recipes not to ever starve and others to surprise friends; buy, store and conserve groceries in the fridge or the freezer, etc. Do the cleaning; the basics; the washing, etc.

The apartment: when moving in; maintenance; improvements; when moving out. Filling paperwork: how to avoid extra fees; how to save money, etc. Taking care of yourself: medical essential; essential oils, etc. Both are mothers who faced their eldest child leaving home, they share their experience to parents and young adults.

In Europe, one wedding out of three ends in divorce. Having listened for many years to children, teenagers, their parents and step-parents, speak about their new life, Béatrice Copper-Royer suggests in this book to face up the difficulties that ruin numerous families. It will be necessary to consider different feelings, needs, empty spaces and of course the contradictory rhythms of children and adults!

Béatrice Copper-Royer is a clinician psychologist, co-founder of the E-Enfance association, and specialist of childhood and teenage years. Tantrums, pathological shyness, sleep issues, bed-wetting… Is your child facing a problem and are you looking for a soft method to help him?

This book allies the joys of a bedtime story and the hypnotherapy efficiency to resolve almost every issue. Thanks to metaphors hidden in the story, the child unconsciously changes his behaviour and gets over the problem at his rhythm. Adopt simple and efficient tools to help your child gently thanks to concrete therapeutic explanations, practical exercises and also 20 fantastic and exclusive stories! Valérie Roumanoff works as a professional hypnotherapist and therapist for both adults and children.

She is a neurolinguistics programming NLP specialist, author of several successful books on the topic. This book offers an initiation to singing in just 2 months, thanks to daily training programs. A first theoretical part to learn how your voice works and a second practical part with daily exercises and weekly goals.

Guillaume Coignard is the Disney films official vocal coach and coach of numerous French artists. Practical and joyful illustrated notebooks to feel good both physically and mentally! Various topics, packed with serious and useful information: sports and feel-good trends, yoga, self-help, lifestyle, healthy food, fashion and beauty tips and more. Each guide will accompany you and help you reach your goals because life is beautiful! The 1 best-selling series in France!

A useful parenting series that guides parents and their children from 4 to 8 years old. It gives them tools, rituals and programmes to develop the joy of living together. All titles are brought on by specialists in parenthood such as paediatricians, therapists, psychologists, etc.

It allows to develop your child's cooperation spirit, fill his love reserve, nourrish his self-confidence and develop his attention. It is strongly linked with positive parenthood.

The word "mandala" means "centre", "circle", "unity" in Sanskrit. Mandala is, in Buddhist traditions, seen as a support for meditation and introspection.

Today, mandalas are widely used by teachers and have many benefits for children: creativity, precise motricity, attention, concentration, etc. This activity book gathers 50 mandala activities: - colouring mandalas to improve creativity, painting using fingers, emotions' weather mandalas, dream-catcher mandalas; - mandalas to create to reconnect with nature, land art, mandalas made out of recycling or of toys; - magic mandalas dot per dot to awaken curiosity and improve both concentration and attention; - mandalas to give away to develop gratitude and sharing aptitudes.

All the great principles of Maria Montessori's pedagogy gathered in 50 activities to do with your child to help him develop the essential qualities and see him grow up happy and radiant. This notebook follows the seasons and includes: - daily rituals: routine and responsability charts, preparing a snack The information is serious but the tone is light and humorous. Also contains illustrations drawings. Positive education is the new trend every parent should follow. Self-confidence, non-violent communication, positive education, respecting emotions: all the decyphered keys by Benjamin Muller, a writer, dad of 3 children and host of a TV show on education and parenthood.

Muller gives a simple approach with concrete examples: what should you do if your child throws a trantrum and rolls on the floor crying for candy? You will discover in this notebook several answers and approaches to become a better parent.

Benjamin Muller is a dad of 3 children and hosts a daily TV show on education and parenthood. All these heroes, how different they may be, are remembered because they have a charisma and a unique behaviour that guide their actions and influence their choices facing adversity. Discover their philosophy and the great thinkers that have inspired their character, from Plato to Levinas, passing by Aristotle, Descartes or Nietzsche.

There are those who have a boiling hot shower Woody Allen or a hot bath Balzac to allow creation. Have you had enough of feeling guilty about your use of plastic without knowing what to do or change? This guide is made for you! Plastic is bad for us and for the planet as well. With pedagogy and humor, journalist Sophie Noucher reminds us of key figures which show that it is urgent to change things. But she has a job, 3 kids and a household to take care of: difficult to stop all consumption.

But she slowly started changing things, together with her family with the perspective of limiting all use of plastic. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garden, in the fridge: she offers great tips to seriously start reducing our carbon footprint.

Even if it starts slowly, you can improve within a few months and it will always be much better than doing nothing! A mother of 3 children, she successfully changed her family consumption for the sake of the planet!

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Jean-Paul Curtay is graduated in medicine from the University of California. He founded in France the first nutritherapy consultation and taught this subject in more than 20 countries. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and author of bestselling books. In Januaryhe was one of the signees of the Green Monday tribune, to stop meat consumption at least on Mondays if not for good. She has a PhD in geophysical environments mechanics and also graduated in biology and geography.

Meat is often the centre of our meals. First choice animal proteins source, we trust it for its iron high content and also B12 vitamin that it contains. Rich with bad fats and pro-inflammatory substances, it also contains residues and toxic contaminants. Despite media covered health scandals and the link established by the World Health Organisation between cancer and processed meat, our eating behaviours tend back towards our old habits.

As of environmental, epidemiologic and toxicological impact, the statistic studies change our perception of this food. Science helps us to understand the relations between an excessive meat consumption and diseases and allows an informed prevention founded on the change of our eating behaviours.

This book aims to precisely answer each of these questions: what are the consequences on our health? What are the alternative that objectively can replace meat in our plates? What do we know about longevity diets? This book also teaches how to diminish the meat consumption at no risk. Don't you understand anything about artificial intelligence AI? Are you scared that mean robots will seize power and control the world?

Are you interested in AI and in new technologies but would like to hear a different story? This book is for you! Everything started from a huge misunderstanding. All the fantasies and false ideas we are nourished with today result from this regrettable designation.

In this book, Dr. At 9 he created his first robot capable of making his bed. What will the labour market look like in 20 years? What jobs will our children do and how long for? What jobs will our children do? Goyard-Fabre Introduction avec R. Trousson Livre I. Goyard-Fabre Des lois [Le luxe, le commerce et les arts] [Considérations sur l'influence des climats] C. Volpilhac-Auger Liberté R.

Eigeldinger et S. Goyard-Fabre Fragments divers S. Goyard-Fabre et R. Trousson Dissertation sur la pitié C. Rousseau à M. Si elle est de la compétence des tribunaux civils. Principes de la Réformation. Jurisprudence tirée des procédures faites en cas semblables.

But de l'auteur en publiant la profession de foi Lettre VI : S'il est vrai que l'auteur attaque les Gouvernements.

Courte analyse de son Livre. Contrepoids qu'il donne à la puissance aristocratique. Entreprise du Petit Conseil d'anéantir ce contrepoids par voie de fait. Examens des inconvénients allégués. Son vrai but dans cet écrit. Choix de ces exemples. Caractère de la Bourgoisie de Genève. Preuve par le fait. Conclusion Voltaire, Sentiment des citoyens, annoté par J. Rousseau Frédéric S. Eigeldinger Déclaration relative à M. Eigeldinger Projet de constitution pour la Corse Raymond Trousson Introduction Avant-propos [Projet] Fragments Considérations sur le gouvernement de Pologne Michel Marty Introduction État de la question Esprit des anciennes institutions Application Éducation Vice radical Question des trois ordres Moyens de maintenir la constitution Du roi Causes particulières de l'anarchie Administration Système économique Système militaire Projet pour assujettir à une marche graduelle tous les membres du gouvernement Élection des rois Conclusion Écrits pédagogiques Mémoire présenté à Monsieur de Mably sur l'éducation de M.

L'Aminot Émile manuscrit Favre T. L'Aminot [Préface] I. L'âge [de nature] [II. L'âge de force. Fragments] [IV. L'âge de sagesse. Fragments] Émile ou de l'éducation T. Eigeldinger Émile et Sophie, ou les solitaires T. Van Staen [Fragments d'une réponse à la Sorbonne] R. Trousson [Sur le péché d'Adam et le salut universel] R. Van Staen Idée de la méthode dans la composition d'un livre [Sur les femmes] [Un ménage de la rue Jean-Saint-Denis] [Essai sur les événements importants dont les femmes ont été la cause secrète] [Fragments politiques sur Sparte] Ch.

Eigeldinger [Lettres sur la Suisse] F. Eigeldinger [Histoire du gouvernement de Genève] F. Eigeldinger Annexe 1. Extrait de la Petite histoire de Genève Annexe 2.

Histoire de Genève par M. Roustan Traductions R. Eigeldinger [Citations extraites de Muralt, avec des notes de Rousseau] F.

Eigeldinger Disjecta membra F. Eigeldinger et R. Trousson Écrits scientifiques Écrits cosmographiques Cours creme met botox géographie Ch. Van Staen Traité de sphère Ch. Trousson [Lettre à l'abbé Raynal sur les ustensiles de cuivre] Ch.

Van Staen Chiffres à chiffrer et à déchiffrer Ch. Van Staen Institutions chimiques Ch. Van Staen Introduction. Un adieu aux sciences secrètes Livre I. Des éléments des corps et de leur composition Chapitre 1. Des principes matériels Chapitre 2e. De la mixtion et composition des corps Chapitre 3e. Du principe de la cohésion des corps et de celui de leur transparence Chapitre 4e. Des différents mixtes et composés naturels Livre 2e. Des instruments naturels Chapitre 1.

Du mécanisme de la nature Chapitre 2e. Du feu Chapitre 3e. De l'air Chapitre 4e. De l'eau Chapitre 5e. De la terre Livre 3e. Des instruments artificiels Chapitre I. Des fourneaux, et des vaisseaux Chapitre 2e. Des autres instruments chimiques Chapitre 3e. Des dissolvants Chapitre 4e. Des précipitants, où il est parlé des rapports des substances Livre 4e. Des opérations Chapitre premier. De l'analyse ou syncrèse De la distillation De la sublimation De la fusion De la calcination De la dissolution Chapitre 2 De la diacrèse ou composition De la cristallisation De la réduction Chapitre 3 De la combinaison De la fermentation De la vitrification Appendices I.

Du cuivre II. Du plomb III. De l'arsenic IV. Table des sels neutres facsimilé V. Lettre à Raynal sur le cuivre Lexique Note bibliographique Écrits sur la botanique Introduction générale Première partie. Fragments II.

Vocabulaire IV. Fragments V. Annotations sur le Synopsis de Ray VI. Sénéka VIII. Fragments IX. Annotations sur l'Historia stirpium de Haller X. Notes sur l'herbier du Musée des arts décoratifs de Paris II. Lettres sur la botanique IV. Notes sur l'herbier de la Bibliothèque centrale de Zurich V.

Listes de graines VI. Notes sur l'herbier du Musée J. Rousseau à Montmorency Troisième partie. Caractères de botanique IV.

Annotations sur La Botanique de Regnault V. Fragments pour un dictionnaire des termes d'usage en botanique VI. Extraits de livres de botanique Bibliographie sélective Écrits sur la musique Projet concernant de nouveaux signes sur la musique A. Cernuschi [Lettre à Raynal sur Blainville] A. Cernuschi Lettre à M. Grimm, au sujet des remarques ajoutées à sa lettre sur Omphale B.

Boccadoro Lettre sur la musique française A.