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Introduction: Iris mammillations are congenital abnormalities characterized by vitiliform protuberances regularly spaced on the surface of a velvety iris. They can be either isolated or associated with melanocytosis involving iris, sclera or periocular tissues, resulting in a risk for uveal melanoma.

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They can be complicated by ocular hypertension. We report three cases of iris mammillations in three children. Cases report: For each patient, age, circumstances of revelation, anterior and posterior segment examination, intraocular pressure, associated anomalies, and progression were noted. Patient no. Intraocular pressure remained normal over 22 months of follow-up.

Intraocular pressure was normal and the excavation did not change over 20 months of follow-up. The examination found unilateral iris mammillations and ipsilateral ocular melanocytosis. Intraocular pressure and fundus were normal and remained normal over 13 months of follow-up. Discussion and conclusion: Iris mammillations are congenital abnormalities, generally unilateral, sometimes hereditary. The differential diagnosis includes Lisch nodules of neurofibromatosis and iris melanoma.

The etiology of iris mammillations is unknown; these lesions can be complicated by ocular hypertony and, in case of associated melanocytosis of the iris, sclera or periocular tissues, by uveal melanoma. These potential complications warrant a regular clinical follow-up. Mots clés : Mamelonnementsirismélanocytosetumeurs iriennesmélanomehypertonie. Keywords: Mammillationsirismelanocytosisiris tumorsmelanomaocular hypertension. Ces anomalies, décrites par Coats en [ 1 Coats G. Unilateral diffuse melanosis of the uvea, with small elevations on the surface of the iris.

Trans Ophthalmol Soc UK, ; Bilateral melanosis of the iris. Am J Ophthalmol, ; Click here to see the Library ]. Le diamètre cornéen était normal des deux côtés.

Eye sclera pigment

Il existait une pigmentation sclérale ardoisée prédominant en nasal fig. Iris mammillations: significance and associations. Eye, ; Ils sont plus souvent unilatéraux, des cas bilatéraux comme deux de nos trois patients ayant déjà été décrits [ 2 Traboulsi EI, Maumenee IH. Familial iris melanosis-a misnomer?

Br J Ophthalmol, ; Iris mammillations as the only sign of ocular melanocytosis in a child with choroidal melanoma. Arch Ophthalmol, ; La majorité des auteurs voient dans les mamelonnements une caractéristique sémiologique occasionnelle de la mélanocytose irienne, oculaire sclère et choroïde [ 3 Ragge NK, Acheson J, Murphree AL. Tumeurs iriennes pigmentées. In: Zografos L. Tumeurs intraoculaires. Paris: Masson; Ocular findings in oculodermal melanocytosis.

Cette affection correspond à une augmentation de la pigmentation par augmentation du contenu en mélanine des mélanosomes [ 8 Rennie IG, Bleehen SS. Melanosis oculi. An ultrastructural study of an affected iris. Bilateral diffuse iris nodular nevi. Clinical and histopathologic characterization.

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Ophthalmology, ; Les formes isolées seraient soit une forme a minima de mélanocytose [ 6 Zografos L, Uffer S. Phakomatosis pigmentovascularis type IIb with iris mammillations. Arch Dermatol, ; Elle est probablement sous-évaluée. Ocular melanocytosis. A study to determine the prevalence rate of ocular melanocytosis. Parmi les diagnostics différentiels, les tumeurs le plus souvent un naevus, beaucoup plus rarement un mélanome [ 12 Day S, Narita A.

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The evidence for visually guided regulation of eye growth is beyond refute, the choroid and sclera being the two principal targets. Rather, the local anesthetic lidocaine was topically applied to the sclera prior to injection. Suction was used to remove the vitreous; the sclera and retinal pigment epithelium were peeled away. The upper eyelid, the nictitating membrane, and the sclera were excised.

Retinas were isolated by dissecting the eyes from their orbits, then lightly brushing the retina apar t from the sclera and pigment epithelium. The sclera and pigment epithelium were removed and the retina flattened, photoreceptor layer uppermost, on a gelatinized slide.

The sclera and pigment epithelium were then gently dissected off of the retina. Nitric oxide synthase-containing cells in the retina, pigmented epithelium, choroid, and sclera of the chick eye.

The retina was removed from the sclera and retinal pigment epithelium, trimmed, and cut into two pieces. The retina was carefully removed from the choroid and sclera during the initial stages of fixation.

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It is possible that different signals modulate growth of the choroid and sclera. A motorized micromanipulator was used to position a gauge needle against the scleraabout 2 mm posterior to the limbus. The conjunctiva, sclera and iris are heavily pigmented with melanin granules and the iris contains gold-reflecting material, which is mostly obscured by the pigmented layer.

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