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Aboriginal culture tours. Lire la suite. Adventure tours. Outback tours. International Education Tours. Rechercher des excursions dans le Territoire du Nord. Suratiyai achieved the rank of blue belt good job you should be proud of your achiement and good luck in your journey ahead. Here's some photos with more to come. An extraordinary personal experience of training for everyone who attended.

Sensei Benny Urqu … idez has asked me to pass on his gratitude to all those who he said showed courage in participating and the willingness to be open minded to his ways. On a personal level for me, this has been a pilgrimage and one I look forward to every year. The lessons never stopped coming, whether we were on the mats, on a plane, driving or sitting at a dinner table. For those that experienced him this year, you know what I mean.

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It is the reason I bring him to Australia every October. Nadine Champion Sydney and Garry Exley in Brisbane and all the people that supported these guys in helping with the preparations needed to host their events. Special thanks to my wife Dianne who tolerates my busyness and supports the tour immensely.

Without these guys, martial artists in those areas wouldn't of had the opportunity to experience the great martial artist and teacher Sensei Benny Urquidez is.

Next year we will be on again in October, this time with something very special which has never before been done in Australia. We will announce this special training event early next year so keep an eye out for the announcement.

Please feel free to post your comments re this years tour on the tour page. If you like to host a seminar next year please contact me directly on Thanks again for the opportunity to meet and train with such a fantastic group of people.

James Sheedy. What an amazing tour this year has been. Ex … traordinary in so many ways and very special to everyone who participated. I'll post a closing statement reviewing this year's tour later this morning so keep an eye out. What a privilege to witness this extraordinary training session. The connection and bond is personal and strong, the respect given and received radiates an atmosphere of calm and focused learning, an environment of single mindedness.

They are from his rib and they trained as one entity. Great 3hr training seminar with Benny The Jet.

Always a pleasure to catch up and train with my former instructor and mentor Anthony Rogers and Chief instructor James Sheedy. Very Awe inspiring being in the presence of and learning from one of the greatest Martial Artists of his time. Pictures from the awesome benny the jet seminar in Adelaide at good friend of mine John Alford tugra Shan martial arts academy.

Great to train for the second t … ime with such a awesome martial artist on and off the mats.

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