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P Maintenant bonus points. Description Pour en savoir plus sur George Strait. Hump Head 50 titres En termes de popularité et de ventes dans la musique country des années Fermer menu. Hump Head 50 titres En termes de popularité et de ventes dans la musique country des annéesAlan Jackson était deuxième derrière Garth Brooks.

Dix panneaux d'affichage numéro un Les albums Country et les vingt-quatre numéros un Country Singles en sont la preuve. Il est dans l'entreprise d'élite de Lennon et McCartney parmi les auteurs-compositeurs qui ont écrit plus de 20 chansons.

Jackson a vendu près de 60 millions d'albums dans le monde entier, en tête du pays. Il a écrit ou co-écrit 25 de ses 35 singles à succès 1. Artiste lauréat d'un Grammy dont l'écriture de chansons lui a valu le prix prestigieux Prix des fondateurs de l'ASCAP et une intronisation aux auteurs-compositeurs de Nashville. Membre du Temple de la renommée des auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes Pour en savoir plus sur George Strait. George Strait Geb. Évaluations 0. Langue disponible : anglais Out of all the country singers to emerge in the s, George Strait stayed the closest to traditional country.

Drawing from both the honky tonk and Western swing traditions, Strait didn't refashion the genres; he revitalized them. In the process, he became one of the most popular and influential singers of the era, sparking a wave of neo-traditionalist singers from Randy Travis and Dwight Yoakam to Clint Black, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson.

Strait was born and raised in southern Texas, near San Antonio, the son of a junior high school teacher who also owned and operated a ranch that had been in the Strait family for nearly years.

Live The Cowboy Rides Away

When George was a child, his mother left the family, taking her daughter but leaving her sons behind with their father. During his childhood, he would spend his weekdays in town and his weekends on the ranch. After his high school graduation in the late '60s, he enrolled in college but soon dropped out and eloped with his high school sweetheart, Norma. InStrait enlisted in the Army; two years later, he was stationed in Hawaii.

While there, he began playing country music, initially with an Army-sponsored country band called Rambling Country. They played several dates off the base under the name Santee. Strait left the Army inreturning to Texas with the intent of completing his education. While he was studying, he formed his own country band, Ace in the Hole. Ace in the Hole made a few records for the independent Dallas-based label D in the late '70s, but they never went anywhere.

Toward the end of the decade, Strait attempted to carve out a niche in Nashville, but he failed since he lacked any strong connections. Woolsey had several MCA executives come down to Texas to hear Strait, whose performance convinced the company to sign him in The song sparked a remarkable string of Top Ten hits that ran well into the '90s.

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During that time he had an astonishing 31 number one singles, beginning with 's "Fool Hearted Memory. Strait rarely abandoned hardcore honky tonk and Western swing -- toward the beginning of the '90s, his sound became a little slicker, but it was only a relative change.

Strait was also one of the few '80s superstars to survive the generational shift of the early '90s that began with the phenomenal success of Garth Brooks. Inhe made his recettes minceur movie, Pure Country, which featured him in the lead role. Strait released a four-disc box-set career retrospective, Strait Out of the Box, in By the spring ofit had become one of the five biggest-selling box sets in popular music history.

Blue Clear Sky, his album, debuted on the country charts at number one and the pop charts at number seven. The simply titled George Strait, featuring the hit single "Go On," hit the shelves in late Did Strait slow down in the s?

The following year saw the release of The Road Less Traveled, which qualified as an experimental album of sorts for the veteran performer.

While it didn't stray very far from his new traditionalist country sound, Road did include a foray into vocal processing that was about as country as a pair of stiletto-healed cowboy boots. But the experimentation was welcome, for it revealed that Strait was still hungry, even after millions upon millions of records sold.

Strait issued two projects in